InFAMOUS: Which Cole is Cooler?

If you’ve checked out the latest gameplay footage for InFAMOUS 2, the thing you’ll notice (if you played the first game) is that Cole is looking prettier. He has more hair, his cheek bones are less structured, his voice is less raspy and deep, and his clothing style reminds me of Nathan Drake’s fashion sense. In short, you can sale new Cole is Nathan Drake, and old Cole is Solid Snake.

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LCS_Furious_Dre3028d ago

Both Coles get a free pass because they are both EXCLUSIVE on Playstation 3

Joule3028d ago

I like the first Cole better.

Rumor3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

not this cole:

see the difference? they have 3 different coles now. i hope the one in the trailer isnt the final one

Lou-Cipher3028d ago

Me too, but I have been very impressed with what I have seen from Infamous 2. I just hope they bring back the same guy that did the 1st soundtrack. The Music really elevated Infamous to another level.

Bobbykotickrulesz3028d ago

lol shut the hell up, God damn.

You're all just looking for something to cry about. If the new design was in the first game, and they changed it to the old, grumpy Cole, you'd all be freaking out saying "Oh the old Cole was so much better! He was witty and likeable! The new Cole is just a jackass with no personality at all!"

Army_of_Darkness3028d ago

the new one looks cooler as well as looks to have much more personality.

Darkstorn3028d ago

The new Cole is more personable. My vote goes to him.

Chubear3028d ago

Old Cole came off as a 30 yr old dude that's seen some *hit in his life. New Cole comes off as a 19yr old that just got off N4G 1min ago...

Old Cole cause there is no other Cole but the first one.

himdeel3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

...because the first one was just a white dude with a low hair cut and gruff voice...the new Cole is another white dude with dark hair and normal voice. With the exception of Coles wardrobe theres nothing unique about him.

That being said I'm okay with either Cole BUT I'd personally feel better if we're given an explanation of the new Cole through the game narrative. For some reason just having SP say we changed Cole to make him more "xxxxxxxx" just doesn't appease my desire to have a better game related story driven explanation for the change.

Still a day one purchase though...

WhittO3028d ago

TBH I dont have a problem with them changing Cole.
I have just bought Infamous and while it is a good game, Cole just seems to have NO personality!

Nathan Hale barely speaks but he is still more of a "real" character to play who has a history as to why he is the way he is (barely speaks etc).
Cole is just...boring, sorry to say.

Maybe they should have just treated the new Cole as a totally separate character, then people wouldn't be so upset with the change, and maybe even have the old Cole playable in some missions of the new game, that would be amazing, since he is already really powerful etc.

FLAMES_1873028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I think the old Cole was the best. They seem like their making the new Cole like Drake from Uncharted...hopefully there's a story behind why he looks so young.

Bolts3028d ago

This new Cole looks a lot like Drake. The old Cole is more brooding and jaded. Kinda like Sam Fisher with super powers.

nickjkl3028d ago

@ him everything is generic the only thing non generic is if you made a giant muscular man with the personality of a girl

ABizzel13028d ago

@ Rumor

I noticed that to. I agree with you the first Cole they had shown for Infamous 2 should be the design they go with. It looks similar to him, but he also has a updated look which I think is the perfect balance. As far as voice acting goes they need the original guy back, the new Coles\'s voice is awful.

So Sucker Punch shave New Cole's Drake hair cut and he'll be fine.

Rashonality3028d ago

maybe it's an age thing....>_>
i mean maybe cole in this game age
in other words you may play through different periods of time just like assassins creed 2
that would be awesome if true

badz1493028d ago

but if they do use the new one, I'll need a damn good explanation of how he somehow getting younger, not older!

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Donny3028d ago

the steve wilkos version.

UnSelf3028d ago

OLD COLE!!! im so cold...

Davoh3028d ago

There can be only one Cole and it's the first one

PoSTedUP3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

first cole was badass but had VERY little personality, no facial animations, no emotions etc. (like when he was saying he wants to get back with moya after he saved her from the bus on the building, he had like no feelings at all)

the new one, although kinda dorkey, has more of a personality and attitude, more emotions, hopefully he has humor like nathan drake. i am kinda sick of the stiff war hard asses in gaming with no personality and a voice like he smoked for 50 years..., we need more great different personality's in gaming (big ups to ND and sucker punch).

raztad3028d ago

I wasnt keen to the new Cole when it was announced, but I totally understood inFAMOUS is becoming a huge Property for Sony, that is more than likely to get a movie adaptation. The old Cole just doesnt make the cut for it. Think in SpiderMan and you will get the idea of how a modern superhero is expected to look in order to be a successful commercial product.

Hanif-8763028d ago

I prefer the new cole because he just seems to be alot cooler :-)

Rashonality3028d ago

i believe you're young
cuz the new cole looks like a 25yo douche

tinybigman3028d ago

to me this one seems to have more of a personality than the original one.

TheBand1t3028d ago

Old Cole looks like he could kick New Cole's ass.

bnaked3028d ago

Nathan Drake (new Cole) > Nathan Hale (old Cole)

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Paradise3028d ago

I doubt new Cole is going to stay looking like that.

There's still quite a bit of time left ladies and gents.

I_find_it_funny3028d ago

They need to chenge the voice actor, I hope this one is a filler for pre-promo only

Incognegro3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

They did something like...this is what the Good Cole will look like....and the evil Cole will look more like the first but a bit darker. I don't mind the new look, but I do have a hard time looking at him currently with red lightning and an Emperor Palpatine look.

Wishful thinking...but could work... Right?

Edit: @I_find_it_funny

I highly doubt they're changing the voice actor. SuckerPunch has gone on record saying that the look may vary, but the voice actor is here to stay. I can't call if I like him better or not since he's only what...3 lines? And the guy that voiced the first one wasn't the either way I can't complain...yet.

I_find_it_funny3028d ago

You're probably right, we have heard too little from him.

Biggest3028d ago

I'm in your camp, Incognegro. I just want to see how he transforms if the same good versus evil mechanic is in the game. I don't mind the new Cole just as I didn't mind the old Cole. I wasn't a fan of his almost Snake voice in the first. While I don't think a full blown just hit puberty voice is the remedy, anything other than gravel throat is good for me.

darkdoom30003028d ago

Nope, they cant really change his voice, they've probably already done most of the voice work. it would cost too much.

I dont mind his voice, I always found it odd that a 20 year old bike messenger had an old gravely voice.

emil13028d ago

first one is much cooler

roblef3028d ago

GameInformer has a story on the new Cole. One of the devs says he's less grumpy. I LIKED the old grumpy Cole. Pretty is not good.

Paradise3028d ago

He seemed pretty grumpy in the trailer.

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