Nintendo 3DS is Like LASIK for 3D Video Games

For everyone, the big unknown before E3 2010 was Nintendo 3DS. For most gamers, the big unknown after E3 2010 is… still Nintendo 3DS. That’s because this 2011-bound portable has a 3D top screen that is only viewable in person, giving print journalism some much-needed clout back.

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KingJFS3027d ago

While the idea of portable 3D gaming is impressive, I'm much more excited for the Wii-level graphics the 3DS will have. Something tells me when I eventually get a 3DS, the 3D slider is going to be permanently locked in the "Off" position.

dragonelite3027d ago

The Games now run at 60fps image a non 3D zelda game that runs at 30 fps you have twice the time to render stuff use more complex shaders and you can push more polygons per frame.

tmt3453027d ago

If we turn the 3D effect off on the 3DS will we see an increase in graphics/resolution?

Thanks :D

TruthbeTold3027d ago

as possible, but we don't know for sure yet.

SwiderMan3027d ago

Yes and no. You said "We." Gamers couldn't turn down the 3D dial (using the dial on the right side of the 3DS) and improve the graphics. It'd have to be something that the developer chooses and I'd imagine 3D wouldn't exist in the game regardless of your dial setting.

Hope that makes sense.

dragonelite3027d ago

Only if the game is made for it.

Dreadneck3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Ok those are good 3 reasons for him or her

Here are my 3 reasons for wanting 3d with Glasses and not really into the 3ds

1) Viewing 3d content on my 55 inch TV NOW in HD in digital surround is "@@!# awesome, I don't care what you say.

2) Ability to watch 3D movies and play 3d HD, big screen etc...)

3) The Games: Killzone 3, Gran Turismo, Motor-storm, Tron, Wipeout, Sly and many other AAA games to come in 3D - big screen .....that interest me more than another Kirby or another Mario cart and yes even another Zelda on a tiny screen (when has Nintendo created a new IP?)

And to people arguing over wearing glasses:
I wear sunglasses all day long so wearing glasses for a couple hours to watch 3d isn't a big deal at all -- I can't believe all these whiny babies. If you complain about 3d glasses and you ever wear sunglasses or RX glasses then I give you a virtual karma punch on the nose ever time you put them on! I mean the 3d glasses weigh nothing. Cm-on people, MAN UP! I'm surprised these people complaining about glasses aren't complaining they have to hold a DS with their own tender hands. WAAAA! What a bunch of wimps.

So according to some I may look stupid wearing 3d glasses but I will be experiencing total awesomeness on a giant screen playing grownup HD AAA games and you'll just look stupid -- holding a purple kids system playing the same old IPs on a small screen.

Oh and if I want a 3DS I will buy one I really don't need to pick between one or the other - being a gamer is a person that likes games! People on here should call themselves systemners. (but I don't and so I won't)

browngamer43027d ago

And i guess yur extremely rich..cause if yu go sony's way yu need to have a fuc-kin silver spoon in yur mouth..I'll stick to my amazing(and much,much cheaper) glasses,3d movies and amazing third party support(i really don't know what the guy above me is smoking..3ds linup looks fantastic) while yu are playing rehashes(sequals) of old sony games in 3d..i will be playing the best system ever!

Dreadneck3026d ago

Likewise I have to ask you what are you smoking, you mention playing rehashes when the very games you look forward to on the 3DS or Wii have been rehashed IPS that (most) were started in the 80s on the NES. Tell me which one is new?! Or does that slip your mind when your playing the 16th Zelda game. (its true there are 16 Zelda games) and Mario has been in over 200 games! And you talk about rehash to me!? (you can look both those numbers up -- its fact)

Sony introduces new IPs every system, the ones that sell well of course they make a new squeal who doesn't? Developers spend millions on developing an engine so sequels can be better since the engine is built, Uncharted 2 blew away one because they didn't have to focus so much to creating a new engine from scratch - they were able to build upon the solid foundation created with UC1 -- that makes sense and every developer does that

And I'm not a Sony guy I'm a gamer I have a PS3 and 360, I have NES, super nes, n64, I even have a working virtual boy and working Turbografx, Colecovision. I play games. I don't have a Wii or DS because nothing interest me - I truly am finished with Zelda and Mario rehashes- I hated Zelda windwaker and I even waited in line for the midnight release when it came out - the game felt very childlike to me and Nintendo has carried that mentality in all there games since.

browngamer43027d ago

Sounds good to me ..sign me up!