This Dead Space 2 Art Work Contains Hint To 'Mystery Reveal'

Irish Gaming Site write:

"Did you hear about the Dead Space 2 ‘Mystery Reveal‘ coming next month teased by PSM3?

Well, according to Visceral Games, if you take a look at the above Dead Space 2 art work you might just be able to figure out what the mystery reveal is all about."

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Kingdom Come3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

My guess:
Playable Necromorph's (Multiplayer). Whilst doing a game demo for Gamespot the team were asked if this would be done and they said "I don't think we're ready to discuss this yet."
With multiplayer confirmed for the game, I am guessing at some sort of mode were on person plays as issac whilst others play as Necromorphs. This would be the best way to approach multiplayer for a horror title in my opinion.

SwilloTGL3028d ago

to do with multiplayer.

What does the unitology in the image say anyone?

animboo3027d ago

ignition..pilot a spacecraft?

carter203027d ago

nope none of these things the writin is a distraction the real annocement is actually 2x weapons / akimbo lol .

as u can see if u look carefully at bottom the hand with a gun in it

colonel1793027d ago

It should be the letters written in the top right corner. I remember somewhere there was the full alphabet translation for dead space. So maybe there's the clue written?

carter203027d ago

or it could just be a clue to isacs new homosexuality towards these aliens and there is a orgy going on

Urrakia343027d ago

idk if i would laugh or vomit if we saw that

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The story is too old to be commented.