Comical Thoughts: Crackdown 2

What if other sequels were like Crackdown 2?

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ClownBelt3122d ago

Nintendo games ALWAYS get the free pass on this.

GWAVE3122d ago

"Rockstar games ALWAYS get a free pass on this"


bearsfaan3122d ago

Hey, you both are right. :)

reintype3122d ago

Bethesda also gets a free pass.

Sadie21003122d ago

I was about to argue with you on this (Mario games are pretty different from each other until Mario Galaxy 2, and Zelda, despite having the same core gameplay, also has wildly differing games in the series). But then I think about Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Metroid Prime, and now Donkey Kong Country...and then I realize you're right. :)

RockmanII73122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

Mario Kart - you could say that for any racing game
Metroid - you could say that for most offline FPS's
DK Country - First DK Country game since at least 10 years

Besides, those games only get 1 new game every console generation. Crackdown 1 and 2 are both on the same console, hence the problem.

oricon3122d ago

Why would you want to change the core gameplay, thats what gives the idenity to the series taking that away takes everything, also theres no point changing something that is broken, it's like saying GOW3 is too similar to 1 and 2 that got a free pass no it didn't thats what made people like those games.

Neo Nugget3122d ago

This article presents a great argument.


Blaze9293122d ago

I'm looking but I still can't find the 'article' portion of this submission.

rod_furlong3122d ago

I know somewhere where you can look for it.

ReBurn3122d ago

Charming comic. Kind of funny, actually.

Alos883122d ago

Guys, this is news for gamers, and there was nothing here resembling news, funny as the comic was.

roccohateskittens3122d ago

Half the pathetically written articles on the front page flamebaiting fanboys don't resemble news either.

bbretterson3122d ago

Amen to that. I thought it was funny, so I put it up!

TwistedMetal3122d ago

The only difference is some new zombie types, worser graphics, worse mission structure, etc. Im sorry but crackdown just stinks bad.

At least nintendo makes a completely new game and worlds and adds stuff. Also the only time rockstar did this is with gta4 and even then look at gta4 compared to crackdown.

IHateYouFanboys3122d ago

did you even play the original crackdown?

it appears you didnt, because theres literally NO mission structure in the original. there are 3 crime factions and you just have to kill their leaders, in whatever order you want.

thats it.

but mission structure and story werent what people buy crackdown for, so its a moot point.

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