Game Reactor: Demon's Souls Review

Enter a dark, dystopic world where you've gambled away your life a long time ago. Demon's Souls is the roleplaying game more exciting and terrifying than most horror games.

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3025d ago
RXL3025d ago

to pick this up...

seems like a really great game..

that plus im a masochist

Myst3025d ago

Get the game.
That is all :p.

RXL3025d ago

*gets this game*

and [email protected] disagrees?

Anon19743025d ago

While playing this game at times it totally reminded me of the old King's Field games. I used to love King's Field, and even though these games don't appear to have anything in common, there was just something about Demon's Souls that reminded me of the old KF games.

In the most recent issue of Game Developer magazine they talk about the top 30 developers, and they mentioned that the maker of Demon's Souls was the same company that made King's Field back in the day.

Anyone else played both that can speak to why they still seem to feel the same despite how different they are? I can't seem to put my finger on it.

ranmafandude3025d ago

because the developers that made this game(from software)made king's field.

Myst3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Will play this again after I beat the story of LBP all over again -.-'

[edited because my sentence didn't seem clear without a certain word.]

flyingmunky3025d ago

LBP is just about the best game I can think of to play with my gf on. She absolutely loves that game.

Myst3025d ago

That game is awesome, the platforming and amount of customization is just great. The fact that all of this will carry over to 2 makes it even better and would be great for you and your GF to. Loads of content to play around with :p.

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