Technical Issues Stunt PS3 Development of FFXIV

The official release date for the Square Enix MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV was released only about a week ago. At the dismay of PlayStation 3 owners, the PC version was announced with a release date of late-September while the PS3 version was given an estimated date of March 2011. Square Enix has since commented on the disappointment of PS3 fans worldwide.

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SupaGamer3025d ago

That's a huge difference in time...PS3 should get exclusive something.

Cloudberry3025d ago


Early months of 2011 packed with Gears Of Wars 3, Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Yakuza 4, etc.

Which is...

Great for gamers though.

evrfighter3025d ago Show
darthv723025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

it is causing the issuez.

I know that is troll/flaimbait like but I am just having fun with an obvious thought running through many minds that see "issues", "ps3" and "ff14"

On topic, i really do hope the time will be will spent on making it a better experience than the pc version.

edit: not sure what the issues are but i have a guess that it may have something to do with the current crop of video cards on the pc having more resources available to them. PS3 can do some impressive stuff within its 512mb of total memory. They must be having problems in compressing stuff or getting it to stream off the disc and the nature of the MMO is completely random so it wont flow on a fixed path like other rpg's.

That is all just speculation.

zootang3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

To me it just looks like Sony lied E3 09 When they said it would release 2010. They should help Square out to get it on track.

Other than that I think it's going Multi. It only makes sense.

ER-AM3025d ago

That must be why the 360 version is releasing day and date with the PC version, huh?

rdgneoz33025d ago

When I see 'issues', I think people not knowing how to program for the system properly or screwing up on stuff other companies can do easily.

Hopefully they give the PS3 gamers some extra bonuses to make up for the huge wait and the lie of "simultaneous release" just 1 week before they announced the released dates for the PC and PS3 versions.

N4BmpS3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

@zootang Sony has nothing to do with production FFXIV they go by the release SE gives them, how are they lying? Sony can't rush Square either, they have no control over them so your comment was kind of asinine. And square never asks for help. Don't worry you'll get it soon enough be patient. And it's already multiplatform (PC, PS3) it's just console exclusive.

and I agree with you rdgneoz3 its probably a glitch in something they did. I didn't read this article yet so.

Bottom line, no one wants a Japanese style MW2 screw up.

Reibooi3025d ago

I love how everyone is doing nothing but heaping piles and piles of crap on SE and then saying OH it's because it will be multi plat so they delayed it.

Are you people serious? Have you seen the game or read anything about it? It's one of the most hard ware intense games ever. Even Squares PC's they were using to show it off at E3 could not run the game at max specs.

It would seem to me Square over estimated what they could do on the console and now need to have extra time to get everything to work. If that really is the case then there is no way the game will be coming to the technically weaker 360 any time soon and that's not even taking MS's greed into account which is the reason so far why we have heard something of a 360 version.

This game is pushing alot of limits and SE wants to make sure everything works right. I would much rather have a delayed PS3 version as opposed to a broken one just so SE could appease the flaming fan boys and ship it early and before it was ready.

ABizzel13025d ago

Great for gamers, bad for developers. Somebody's game is going to be gamflyed, or skipped all together.

Legosz3025d ago

Hoow is a delay great for gamers? You are a smart person.

GarandShooter3025d ago

Delay to fix issues = good.

Shipping a broken game = bad.

Hope that helps clear it up for you.

Nevers3025d ago

A VAST MAJORITY of people on here are incredibly stupid/ignorant and don't listen to reason or truly know that much about what they comment on.

I've been following FFxiv for a long while now as a avid player of FFxi. It truly seems to be one of the most epic and hardware intense games to date. One of the major reasons I bought a PS3. At the same time... I gots too much on my plate already with a PS3, 360, and PSP.

Essentially... good luck speaking reasoning on here. I gave up long long ago. Only check in for headlines every so often. Which are pretty lame anyway.

ruiner44823025d ago

I don't know why all you people said evrfighter was just trolling. He is correct the ps2 definitely limited ffxi and anyone that played the game knows this. Item management was horrendous, I'll let my other comment speak

"ps2 did nothing but hinder ffxi, and made it an absolute that you had to have multiple characters to store all your crap, and on top of that muling could take 30-60 mins if you didn't have 2 accounts. At the end people had 6 75 jobs all with situational gear for tp, ws, abilities, it got ridiculous with the amount of gear we had. Hopefully storage will not be an issue like it was in ffxi."

More than likely when we get 5 years into the game and people have 10 jobs maxed out with all kinds of gear we will run into the same problem we have today with ffxi.

Conloles3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

bu bu but teh cell is easy to code for, lol you know you have a problem when you run into technical difficulties on your supposed 'homeground' console. Once again just proving the greatness and versatility of the PC!

Marquis_de_Sade3024d ago

rdgneoz3, What other companies have easily coded a MMO for the PS3 or 360 this generation?

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Brewski0073025d ago

Typical square enix. Same story with them all the time. I swear they're useless when it comes to bringing games out on time.

creatchee3025d ago

Alan Wake, Gran Turismo 5, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alone in the Dark say hi.

Delays aren't specific to a developer or console. They just happen.

Brewski0073025d ago

True creatchee. Its just, at this stage, you can EXPECT it to happen with square enix since they've become quite renowned for delaying their product, especially when it comes to releases to the western world. Its not just one game with them anymore they're building up quite a reputation for delaying games.

flyingmunky3025d ago

Well looking at a potential bright side to this bad news, they may decide to give the first expansion pack for free with the ps3 version.

TheTwelve3025d ago

Disagree, Reibooi. I'm rather sure that the 360 version will come out with the PS3 version in March 2011. This is typical Square-Enix style of business now.



lomion53024d ago

I'm not so sure. I wouldn't be surprised I guess, but I just don't know. There's just been nothing positive comming out about the relationship Square has with Microsoft concerning this game. You may be right, but I'm not convinced.

Consoldtobots3024d ago

yup you nailed it even though you will get more disagrees than agrees, PS3 version delayed so 360 version can be completed and release day and date on 3/11. Only question now is how large of a check MS cut square for this.

GrilledCheeseBook3025d ago

be happy that when it comes, it'll be patched up and probably have the content updates from the pc on disc

mugoldeneagle033025d ago

Yeah, but the same thing was said about 2010 and it worked out pretty well. MAG, Heavy Rain, BFBC2, God of War 3, FFXIII, then Red Dead. Still managed time to get through them. The slow summer so far got me caught up

Jack Klugman3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Darth: I was thinking the same thing.. After having ALL the issues of FFXIII blamed on the 360 and trolled to death. I am having a good laugh at this news!!

Yeah, whatever mark it as trolling.. I'm still laughing!

caladbolg7773024d ago

SE has devolved in to one of the sh!ttiest developers this generation. Stop buying their games. Support good developers and ignore the bad. Put these jerks out of business.

Inside_out3024d ago

The PS3 is crippling gaming this gen. Forcing developers to spend YEARS trying to get the thing to run right. Look at poor RDR...years in development and the best they could do with the PS3 port was 10-30 FPS and 540p and 100' draw distances...360 version...720p, solid 30 fps and miles of draw distance...sad really.

chakan3024d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about. Please refrain from speaking.

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ClownBelt3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I smell a simultaneous release for the PS3 and one other HD platform. dun dun dun....

FFXI says hi

Dramscus3025d ago

probably not if their having technical problems with the ps3

Also everyone knows a subscription based game would never work on a console that requires you to pay to play online.

TotalPS3Fanboy3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

they're just making up excuses so they can have time to port to the 360 and release both the PS3 and 360 version at the same time.

Watch, at TGS, they'll announce that it'll be coming to the 360. And due to the technical issues on the PS3 and having absolutely nothing to do with the porting of the 360 version, the PS3 version will take one more year to develop, and coincidentally and unintentionally, the PS3 version will also somehow be finish on the same day as the day the 360 version is finish too.

Gun_Senshi3025d ago

ffxi has sub based game and on x360

ChronoJoe3025d ago

Microsoft already rejected it. Unlikely.

Square didn't feel people should have to pay for Live, and then there subscription too. Microsoft felt they did. Until you can play these MMOs without Live Gold, then the 360 won't have these MMOs.

koehler833025d ago

It's worked for 8 years with FFXI.

rdgneoz33025d ago

Yah, it happened 8 years ago, which is where the problems started to come from.

kissmeimgreek3025d ago

SE would probably consider doing what Capcom agreed with MS on for Monster Hunter Frontier. I think it was like a year free of LIVE witht eh game an a special way to add subscriptions that included free live (or something like that). and after seeing how well MH:F is doing on the 360 it has to be something that they are seriously considering.

Gun_Senshi3025d ago

for stating in the above comment there is FFXI on X360?

sikbeta3025d ago

People still don't realize FFXI was released For the PS2 Fat, which was the one with the HDD Expansion Bay, when the Game was released in the West in 2004, after some months the PS2 Slim without the HDD-bay came out, so there was no support for the Biggest Selling Console aka the PS2 Slim for FFXI

KitoSoma3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Just to clear the air: Yes Final Fantasy XI Online is on XBOX 360 and you do not need a Gold Membership to play it.

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FangBlade3025d ago ShowReplies(1)
inception1233025d ago

"FFXI says hi" and how well did that game do on the 360 again?

electrolemon3025d ago

Right, because the platform was what made that game suck.

Light Yagami3025d ago

Yes, 360 version same date as PS3 version. Looks like Sony's FFXIV moneyhat failed.

coldfoot3024d ago

IF FF13 is anything to go by, the "other HD platform" will be sub-HD.

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Shaman3025d ago

Oh please you guys are so will look and play great on ps3,no reason to bring 360 into this...

Unicron3025d ago

Wow. SE has totally fallen from grace this gen. How disappointing.

Where's Persona 5 now? I need a REAL RPG.

TheColbertinator3025d ago

Where is the 360 version Square? We all know it exists

ChronoJoe3025d ago

Why would they hide it, they're already pooling people for the beta testing phases of the PS3, and PC versions. If there was a 360 version, they would be looking for beta testers there, too.

Arnon3025d ago

I guarantee you that there will be a 360 version, since they already have a market on the 360 for FFXI. Whether or not it releases near the PS3's launch is to be determined, but I'm about 90% sure that we will see a 360 port of the game.

Imperator3025d ago

A very small market. Besides, I doubt they're satisfied with FFXIII's sales on the 360. They probably expected to outsell the PS3 version at least here in NA, but the 360 version barely managed half of the PS3. With so little copies sold, SE has to weigh the pros and cons. Besides, exclusives normally get more attention and better sales.

Arnon3025d ago

Except SE exclusives have only existed on the 360 so far, so that's irrelevant, let alone, FFXIV isn't exclusive in the first place. The fact that they said they were trying to get it on the 360 basically confirms that they'll have one later down the road. There's only one issue in their way from making it happen, and most likely, MS and SE will work out a deal in the end.

N4g_null3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Why port to the xbox when you already have a pc version? I think that is the smartest move they could make. They are out growing the hd console gen already. Porting to the xbox from pc would limit the game big time since you know the pc has better hardware period no question about it.

On top of that the ps3 version is after the pc version. So if the pc is humping the ps3 version then if think you guys need to put the look aid down.

KitoSoma3024d ago

Even earlier this year it was leaked that Square Enix was making a 360 version was being developed, but that they were hitting roadblocks with Xbox LIVE, and didn't rule out it being released at a future date.

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