Have You or Anyone You Know Ever Fell For Phishing on Xbox Live or PSN?

If you've been on the Internet for more than a day then you've surely received phishing attempts in your e-mail box. For those of us just joining the online fun, these are e-mails sent from a scammer that purport to be from an actual authority of some sort, but are actually meant to try to convince you to give up your user name and password for [insert online service of your choice here]. Sony's PlayStation Network isn't immune to these kinds of scams, but as this photo that is making the rounds proves, phishers are just as inept on PSN as they are in other online places. Note the use of all capital letters, poor grammar, and subpar spelling. Well done, indeed. Please don't fall for this. I know my regular audience is smart enough to spot this fake, but don't forget to remind your less technically-aware friends and family that these threats (as pathetic as they may be) are out there and are to be ignored or reported.

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fafoon3026d ago

Id Give a fake E-mail and my Password would be

Red-Dead-Roar3026d ago

i only take money from people who can spell. fucking kids like this are reported to sony....

I_find_it_funny3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Too bad you can't report this scam automatically via PSN, only using web. I used to replay in kind way like "su.. a ....." but it's tiring after a while :).
I feel sorry for people who send their passwords, not because they loose money and online goods, but because they're simply stupid.

outlawlife3026d ago

if people haven't fallen for it then it wouldn't exist

people fall for it all the time, probably mostly kids

BeaArthur3026d ago

Yeah really, I have seen Dateline episodes where they have some pretty elaborate ones but I don't ever see a situation where I could be tricked into giving out my personal information.

MaximusPrime3026d ago

true. one of my buddy is about 12 years old and he forwarded me a message. i told him, "don't bother wasting your time, its all fake and worse they will take your password and ruins your life."

Chug3026d ago

But I sure have gotten a lot of those annoying chain mails >_<

Blaze9293026d ago

yeah those chain mails on PSN is ridiculous. It's not so much that's it's happening it's more of WHY are people so freaking retarded to continue it thinking it's real?

Just ends in me deleting whoever sends me one from my friends list. That crap is ridiculous. Surely the PSN community IQ is higher than that no? Like really, I have NO idea why people believe they will get something for it.

T9X693026d ago

lol I got one yesterday saying if I send this message to 40 friends Sony will give me PS+ for free hahaah people need to find better things to do with their time, rather than fake chain mails.

darthv723026d ago

and this is new to me on psn as well. I must be late to the party or...never got my invite message (lol).

Is this something that people on live get or just psn?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213026d ago

just do what I did, I sent everyone on my list a message threatening them if they send me a chain mail, I will delete them off my list. Surely enough, I haven't had 1 chain mail ever since I did that back in Decemeber.

nygamer283026d ago

only idiots fall for that shit,and little kids

ASSASSYN 36o3026d ago

Obviously not given how many millions of dollars a year scams extort from people.

In 2005 73 million Americans received an average of 50 phishing emails in the previous year, an increase of 28 percent over the year before. Of these targets, 1.2 million reported losing money to the scams, for a total loss of nearly $929 million.

Idiots yes but, age doesn't matter. Age does not mean wiser.

nygamer283026d ago

like i said...idiots fall for that shit

ASSASSYN 36o3026d ago

Yeah that is all you said.

"...and little kids"

MpV353026d ago

Got one chain mail once. But that's it. I was shocked when I got it though. For some reason I had this crazy idea that video games were safe from all that BS. Consider this bubble, burst.

Chug3026d ago

Some people don't believe you.

Damn disagree fairies.

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