More Twisted Metal Info,New Features Still Being Added

It's not always about game-related stuff, obviously, but the Twisted Metal details have really been flying lately. To start with, he gives us a vague idea of how far along the game is in development, as it seems there are still features yet to be added...

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nikkisixx23023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Can't WAIT!!!

I really like how Jaffe is focusing on the "sit on your couch with a friend and play" aspect of the game. Can't go wrong with that.

thematrix12983023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I thought those infos were revealed couple of days ago

telekineticmantis3023d ago

Just one mode that allows players to play in the same vehicle. Seeing that the cars have 2 characters in them that would be awesome. Split screen your co-op partner can have pickups maybe like rocket launchers etc. please.

moparful993023d ago

I'm still in shell shock from the surprise e3 announcement. After all of the denying that he was making twisted metal then all of a sudden at the end of the sony presser that epic video and then the sweet tooth van pulling out on stage was a bombshell. This game will be huge and a nice addition to the growing library of high quality ps3 exclusives.. More please : )

Samus HD3023d ago

I didn't like this Game on ps2
so i don;t think i like this Game (i don;t like the iDea)

MonopolyRSV3023d ago

Twisted Metal Black on PS2 was a low point for the series. I think you will change your mind with this one if you give it a chance.

LeonSKennedy4Life3023d ago

Have either of you ever played a video game?

Kleptic3023d ago

twisted metal Black was a low point?...I'm with Leon, do you guys even like video games?...Black was hardly a low point for the was easily one of the best titles the PS2 ever received...which is DEFINITELY saying something...

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