Konami All Cashed Up

The whole company (games, slot machines & gyms) was up on the previous quarter, including the games division, which saw a sales increase of 8.6%, with net revenues totalling USD$292 million. Surprised? That's what happens when you own Pro Evo and when you release Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. You make money.

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Phantom_Lee5670d ago

I just noticed that its the same picture as many of the metal gear story....I guess its a good picture to use....

....balls crushing good........I really need to stop saying stuffs like that....

krackchap5670d ago (Edited 5670d ago )

omg if konmai dont want to go bankrupt they must port MGS4 to the 360

Bathyj5670d ago (Edited 5670d ago )

To quote an old Meatloaf song "You took the words right out of my mouth." So much for but, but, but everything has to be multiplatform to make money.

That might have been the tune devs danced to 6 months ago when PS3 was still losing exclusives just because of the small user base, and I said then it would be temporary.

By the time MGS4 is out PS3's userbase will be 10M strong at least and actually climb with the release. That plenty of units to support a AAA hit.

Goodtimes, noodle salad.

ngg123455670d ago

That is their big thing, which is funny.

WIIIS15670d ago

I'm glad they like the smell of money 'cos there can only be a lot more going their way with their wise decision to open up the MGS franchise to other platforms.

D_U_I5670d ago

dreaming ........................ always dreaming.............

codeazrael5670d ago

First they give Rockstar a boost, now Konami, and it's almost time to I guess put $50 million into Square Enix hand and and get our Final Fantasy on. Let's see, while we are shopping, are there any more IPs we need??? Let me look at the list again.......

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