Chuck E. Cheese: Raising Future Gamblers

Ex:"It seems just as we take two steps forward in Australia, we take two steps back. Australian Senator, and anti-gambler, Nick Xenophon is turning his attention to arcade games that feature prizes, saying that such entertainment is a “training ground” for children to learn how to gamble."

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CrAppleton3077d ago

What happened to "Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid".. not "where a kid can learn how pokies work"

HolyOrangeCows3077d ago

Pfft, Chuck E. Cheese is WORSE than gambling. You spend $20 on tokens and you're lucky to get enough tickets for an item that costs 50 cents.

Army_of_Darkness3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I went the other day with my nephews and Gawddammit!! I lose more tokens there faster than I do on casino slots!

cyberwaffles3077d ago

i agree. i think arcades are a ploy for kids to get into gambling while their young. you subconsciously become addicted to gambling while you don't even know it.

and i know i'm going to sound like a loser, but there has been many times when i was kid that i would spend over hundreds of dollars trying to get prizes that i always knew that was too far out of reach to get. i always resorted into getting some cheap ass piece of shit toy or candy.

fuck arcades and fuck chuck e. cheese.

Neco5123077d ago

It's amazing, the crap that people in charge of Australia come up with

Queasy3077d ago

And here I don't take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese because of the nasty pizza and kids throwing up or peeing in the tubes.

DaRockSays3077d ago

HAHAHA, well. You're helping keep your kids out of casinos too!

CrAppleton3077d ago

CEC out here serves beer. I REFUSE to take my kids on the weekend though.. it's wicked crowded. But if I can get out of work early on a weekday, I'm all for it

Neco5123077d ago

kids pee in those tubes??? O_O

DaRockSays3077d ago

You've never been to chuckecheese? rofl yes. kids do all sorts of nasty things in the tubes

cyberwaffles3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )


EDIT: @neco

those tubes are a whole other world. i get chills thinking about it.

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theonlylolking3077d ago

How much dumber can these leaders of countries and states get?

You cant even have fun now without someone bashing it.

This stuff is just like them saying"Stop learning how to ride a two wheeled bike. It teaches you how to speed with a motorcycle." or dont do bumper cars because they teach you that its fine to crash into people.

3077d ago
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