How Nintendo is winning back core gamer's hearts

After Nintendo's E3 show all core-gamers are looking foreward to Nintendo 3DS and its upcoming games. There are also good reasons for buying a Wii in the next months. Videogameszone is wating for Donkey Kong Country Returns, Epic Mickey or the 3D remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This how Nintendo is winning back some core gamers.

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Gr813025d ago

Has really been sharp this gen. Many if not ALL of their key franchises have been better this gen than the previous one. And some games have even bested their N64 incarnations.

The real challenge comes from when they try to best the SNES/NES gen(s). When they compete with their past they are forced to step their game up. And when Nintendo steps their game up, we are left with breath taking masterpieces.

Again, Nintendo's been on their game, and have been the sole reason why Wii is the fastest selling console of all time. Thirds stepping their game up is what is needed. And with this gen shaping up to be longer than most, there is time for them to redeem themselves.

TruthbeTold3025d ago

but I remained patient with them. The 3DS is the best gaming news I've heard in a long time.

kesvalk3025d ago

it was not nintendo that is screwing up, it's the third parties...

although is dificult to fight nintendo quality...
but MH tri, Little King History and some other games can be proud to say they have made nitendo quality games...