How Gran Pulse Breaks Final Fantasy XIII

For many, the promise of Gran Pulse's open fields and monster hunts was enough to warrant playing through hours of linear gameplay. However, in this essay from The Rumble Pack's Justin Hemenway, he suggests that many of the game's major problems are tied to this hyped chapter.

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nope trying to conform to the west breaks this game im bored of wada and talking about it but yall know what i mean.

rdgneoz33050d ago

They tried to make the game appeal to the west and also had the fit it to "size constraints". Hell, they said they cut enough content to make another game or such. Hopefully Versus learns from this and they take full advantage of the BD space.

N4GAddict3050d ago

The story and linearity killed it for me.

A LIVING LEGEND3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

For me,Gran pulse was a breath of fresh air.The sunlight after 40hrs in an old mineshaft in an old cart on old rails.
Without the limited foray into Gran pulse,it is safe to assume that this 'RPG' was indeed a grand tutorial.....perhaps for some future offering.