What Gran Turismo 5 Can Learn From Forza Motorsport 3

"Without a doubt Forza Motorsport 3 has turned out to be a great game and one of the best racing games you can buy on Xbox 360. However that does not mean it is without fault and these mistakes made by Turn 10 are things that Polyphony needs to pay attention to. Unlike Gran Turismo Forza has had over 3 games with online racing and over that time it has evolved into what it is today through experience, experience Polyphony currently lacks in the field. Online racing isn't the only thing Forza Motorsport has that Polyphony needs to pay attention to and in this article I will discuss many subjects that fall into this category." - Forza Central

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FordGTGuy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Believe me I have a big one Forza Motorsport 3 can learn from Gran Turismo 5. TAKE TIME TO MAKE YOUR GAME.

@The Meerkat

I didn't think fanboys could get any worse.

The Meerkat3024d ago

The existence of Forza makes GT a better game and vica versa.
The one thing that Forza has which previous GTs have been lacking is soul.

IRetrouk3024d ago

im sorry but did you play forza 3?

zootang3024d ago

Have the Forza dudes ever even raced like Kaz? Kaz knows what racing is, he's not guessing.

jjohan353024d ago

One thing Forza developers can learn from GT developers: be a REAL race driver. Until then, your product isn't a racing sim.

Shang-Long3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

i know you say its not flame bait.. but with that title.. you cant argue.

unless ppl READ the article

NYPunkster3024d ago

"The one thing that Forza has which previous GTs have been lacking is soul"

Games have souls now? haha ridiculous comments people make these days. The one thing Forza has that GT doesn't is a SOUL. lmao

iamgoatman3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


So because the developers aren't real racing drivers, their game isn't a sim? How the hell does that work? Kaz is only 1 of many developers at PD.

Do you really think they just guess how each car handles? No, of course they don't. Any racing sim worth a damn, which includes Forza, spends a considerable amount of time testing the cars, taking careful measurements on how the car handles, accelerates etc.


Forza 3 was nothing like NFS Shift, which goes to show how little you know.


Again, most sim developers will record huge amounts of data when testing cars. Just because they aren't professional racing drivers doesn't mean they know nothing about how a car handles. Do some hardcore PC sims have pro racing drivers at the helm? Probably not, and most destroy any console sim in terms of realism.

TotalPS3Fanboy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

"Games have souls now? haha ridiculous comments people make these days. The one thing Forza has that GT doesn't is a SOUL. lmao"

I know. The Meerkat becomes more and more crazy each day. Weird.

@Jimmy Riddle

Forza's team does 6 months of research. PolySony does 5 years of research. Which is why GT5's physics is better.

jjohan353024d ago

@Jimmy Riddle

I've played Forza on my 360 and was not impressed. In fact the car handling was similar to NFS Shift. Turn 10->racing sim is equivalent to Infinity Ward->military sim.

zootang3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


He's the boss, not just one of many developers. So if it doesn't feel right he tells them to change it.

How do you know how a car feels if you have never raced one? What you are saying is people who haven't fired a gun know how it feels, bullsh*t!

blasian3024d ago

"The one thing that Forza has which previous GTs have been lacking is soul."

This has got to win retarded comment of the week.

jjohan353024d ago

@Jimmy Riddle

On my Microsoft 360 wheel, Forza 3 and NFS felt very similar with all driving assists turned off. Do you even race at the track? There's no doubt in my mind that Forza 3 is a fun game, but nobody I know at the track considers it a racing sim.

captain-obvious3024d ago




nefertis3024d ago

@The Meerkat WTF DUDE? U dont make no sense wat so ever.

D4RkNIKON3024d ago

Yeah GT devs could learn to rip apart and constantly compare/downplay the competition just like the chaps at Turn10

fishd3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

"The one thing that Forza has which previous GTs have been lacking is soul."



Forza EXISTS because of GT

kancerkid3024d ago

Wow, this sight is so full of fanboys it is beyond pathetic.

Does anyone read the damn articles now, or is the title enough?

I guess I should not expect people to know what a good game is on this sight if they can only read a title of an article and somehow think they can base an argument (mostly consisting of the words fag and queer) of it.

God this site sucks anymore.

NYPunkster3024d ago


Crazy is good... nothing wrong with being a little crazy.

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WIIIS13024d ago

Actually, no. It should be the other way around.

I'm really glad I got to play many many hours of insane fun in 2 instalments of Forza since I got my console about 4 years ago.

That's 4 years of being able to actually play a quality driving simulator instead of waiting around, quenching my thirst for driving games only with the likes of NFS series, Dirt, Test Drive Unlimited, PGR series.

4 years.

Dee_913024d ago

quenched my thirst .,..

WIIIS13024d ago

lol! Then you're not very thirsty...

Redrum0593024d ago

U must have very low standards then my friend.
GT5 is a quality "sim" which is wat I'm thirsting for. All those games u mentioned are nothing but arcade racers.

TROLL EATER3024d ago

proper damage on all cars

LiquifiedArt3024d ago

... Take your time to think about it.

Dee_913024d ago

because its beyond retarded to compare online and physics on a current gen game to last gen game

sid4gamerfreak3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

each game can learn from each other

its what makes a product even better

i think forza could learn a lot from gt and vice versa

UltimateIdiot9113024d ago

So how does the Turn 10 know if their game is close to reality if they don't know what reality is?

iamgoatman3024d ago

So you're assuming that Turn 10 know absolutely nothing about cars and how they handle, and have no experience in driving cars in a racing fashion? Because that would be one ignorant assumption.

Like I've said twice already, most sim developers, including Turn 10 will test a car considerably over a period of months or years, be it laps on a circuit or tests in a controlled environment. Often the developers will drive the cars themselves along with more experienced drivers to get the most accurate data.

I am not going to repeat myself over and over again, and if you can't comprehend what I am saying then I see no point in arguing with a bunch of misinformed idiots.

LastDance3024d ago


Watevs mate..... Turn 10 are so good at knowing cars they can make games without controllers.

shhhhhhh..Beat that!

vhero3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

How about what Forza 4 can learn from GT2? As GT2 is probably the greatest driving sim ever created.

Dramscus3024d ago

Stopped reading when it said GT had arcade physics compared to forza.
What a joke.

Biggest3024d ago

Forza has the mosto realistic physics EVER! You can stand your car on its front bumper and still drive. You can flip to your roof, and slowly roll yourself back to your wheels. These are all techniques used by the ancient super car racers. Only Turn 10 has uncovered these secrets.

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Danja3024d ago

OK how about we wait to see what GT5 offers before we get articles like this , no one has yet to fully play GT5 .. to know what is lacking

FordGTGuy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I didn't say GT5 lacked any of it I was showing things they can learn from. The article doesn't even say anything bad about GT5 I was constantly knocking on Forza 3 the entire article......

Every game that exists can learn something from their competition and no game is perfect.

I agree you can't pass final judgment until a game is released but even before release these are some concerns and you can't say GT5 will have solved all of them. I was just stating what they could learn from by the mistakes that were made with Forza Motorsport 3.

thewrathman3024d ago

it didnt say anything bad about noted the lacking features of the previous GT's.and hoped it got them right.

i just hop gt5 isnt forza with shiney graphics.

1.40 mins in a kia seed around the top gear test track ftw

Danja3024d ago

I read the article , I didnt say they were talking bad about GT5 i said its a bit too early as we really dont know what GT5 has to offer as no one has yet to try out the game, and I stand by opinion wait till the game is out.

astar1234567893024d ago

has he ever played any of the gt? the sounds of the car a real and the way they drive are real and that goes way back since gt3, this guy needs to wait until it comes out, its going to be amazing .

The Meerkat3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Power...Bounce....Power....Bou nce....Power....Follow the leader until last turn.....Power.....Ram him into wall with no effect on your car......Power......Win. Every race is the same

I once remember with GT3 putting a book on my controller and walking away. 3 hours later I returned and had won and endurance race. (the night time Japanese course) That sounds real to me. /s

TotalPS3Fanboy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

you need to stop confusing GT with Forza. What you have been playing was in fact Forza and not GT. Look closer dude.

Red-Dead-Roar3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

you do realize that there's an auto-pilot feature in the endurance races in gt3..?

Marquis_de_Sade3024d ago

I'm sorry, I can't help but disagree on the sound part, this is one aspect of GT5 I really hope they have worked on, especially the tire squeal.

Gran Touring3024d ago

"Physics are the bread and butter of Forza and I don't expect Gran Turismo to match them but at the same time they can learn from them."

I was open to the opinions of most of this article, but I stopped reading right here.

FordGTGuy3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Now be open minded about that for a second. Gran Turismo is not as realistic as Forza when it comes to physics and Forza is no nearly as good graphically you have to take a hit somewhere and you can do both.

Apparently you didn't read the constant hating I was doing on Forza 3 and if you continued to read I did show faults in Forza 3s system that GT5 could do better on.


Your kidding right? GT5's physics shown off in their newest physics demo didn't even come close to what Forza Motorsport 3 has. Hell come back to me when Gran Turismo has a 360 physics fps physics engine that does tire flex. Because as of what we know right now it doesn't.

IRetrouk3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

umm did you play GT5P? those are physics mate, forza 3 didnt touch it, not bein a troll i own forza and gt5p long time fan of both but to say forza can touch gt is just funny

i own the game i play the game tyre flex, really lmao, is that what your gonna shoot me down with? anybody who has played both knows the truth, forza cant compete end of, good game but gt is THE game.

moparful993024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Lol come back to us when when you know what you're talking about.. Because tire flexing is a negative thing in a racing situation. A tire needs to remain rigid to maintain traction during hard cornering otherwise It has a tendency to "roll" causing a sudden transfer of weight making the car unstable. On street cars it's fine because it allows the tread pattern to remain in contact with the pavement to overcome low traction situations like rain and snow. Hence why race tires have shorter side walls, harder compounds, and more exotic materials to counteract the force of acceleration during hard cornering.

Dee_913024d ago

forza feels you are driving a paper plane

MaximusPrime3024d ago

@WeaseL: welldone finding that. bubble for you.

GiggMan3024d ago

I just thought I would help WeaseL in hailing Forza's physics....

Marquis_de_Sade3024d ago

I thought crashes weren't important for a racing simulator, so why are you picking such ridiculous examples of forza physics? FordGTGuy is talking about the race physics, such as aerodynamics, body roll and tire flex.

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gamerz3024d ago

I didn't stop reading but agree w/you 100%, GT5:P already has better physics than Forza 3, IMO. Physics is not one of Forza's strongest features... it's not even the best simulation racer on the 360. Try out Race Pro by SimBin, it has much better physics than either Forza or GT5:P.

Avto3024d ago

That one made me laugh only a person who has never actually driven a car can say something like this. I can't say GT is real life physics, but at least cars have some feel to their weight.

tinybigman3024d ago

Want to hear about forza 3 being realistic and having great physics after watching those 3 vids of the game.

There's no way to defend that or turn 10.

FighterJoe3024d ago

The physics part cracks me up, sure Forza improved on GT4 physics (GT4 being a PS2 game) but forza 3 can't even touch Prologue sadly. Going by footage and first hand reports at E3, GT5's physics (including collision physics) are a step above again. Hell even GT5's smoke has it's own physics now.

Forza 3 was gimped straight out of the box with poor MS wheel support (even the fanatec can't fix some of the issues) and the steering buffer which has been added and thats not even mentioning the other issues (in the physics engine itself)

by the way FM3's physics can't run at 360fps because that doesn't make sense, it runs (apparently) at 360hz.

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LordMarius3024d ago Show