Crytek Xbox exclusive has been 'worked on for a while'

Crytek's Xbox 360 exclusive Codename: Kingdoms is further into production than you may think, Microsoft development boss Phil Spencer has revealed.

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Dragun6193050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

MS and Crytek are being very hush hush on it. So far the only known details for the game is what was shown in the trailer. It has do something along the lines of Gladiators I'm guessing and looks like it could be a RPG or Action/Adventure game.

Anyways, 2011 it is. Sony getting Agent from Rockstar and MS getting Codename: Kingdoms from Crytek.
It looks like Third party exclusives still exists.

Unbiased13050d ago Show
gaffyh3050d ago

By "a while" I think they mean like a year maximum (definitely not more than a year), because they would have actually shown something at E3 if they had anything, which the obviously didn't. Which means the game has only just come out of pre-production.

outrageous3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Any exclusive deal with crytek is a good deal. Check out this tech demo...Many scenes with castles and fire and of course incredible graphics.

In regards to this thread, :25, :49 and 1:10 look like the game they will be making. I'm sure that's what they showed M$ to get the deal done. I'm guessing it will be like Gears of War...TP, bloody, massive environments with crazy physics and melee attacks.

I think it will be a launch title for the new 2012 360...just saying.

bomboclaat_gamer3049d ago

everyone and their granny has seen that vid already

kevnb3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I bet the game will be terrible, they didnt even show anything. PC gaming made them rich, but now they are going console...

Double Toasted3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Cry harder xD

Edit: DA-SHREDDER...Gears 3 is going to crush Uncharted 3. Expect Uncharted 3 to get pushed back. They need to piggy back Epic's ideas and 6 months isn't enough time.

Edit: I ain't start shit. Go check the person I was commenting towards.

Edit: I've played UC2 plenty of times...go check my psn tag Dou8le-Toast3D. I think thats what it still is, idk. I've sold my PS3 since then...

Why o why3050d ago

Project harder xD

Naughty dog dont need to piggyback anybody but themselves. They've proved they could step up...Why you even starting crap

thehitman3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

WhyoWhy hes is butt hurt he couldnt play last years GoTY.

jjohan353050d ago

Not sure why you're starting up shit. The guy is dissing Crytek, not Xbox. And I don't blame him since Crysis 2 on the consoles doesn't look that great. I'm sure it will be impressive on PC, but I'm highly skeptical of their console developments, whether it's exclusive or multiplat.

I can't believe you're comparing an upcoming gaming using Unreal Engine 3 (2006 tech) to a first party development engine.


You know absolutely nothing about tech. As people, other than the ones on this website, have mentioned. Unreal Engine is an ever evolving engine. The one you're speaking of is a one trick pony. Name it, UE has it, can't say the same about your favorite.

jjohan353050d ago

Trolls calm down. I didn't even say it's my favorite. Nor did I even mention whatever companies involved.

ChronoJoe3050d ago

No flower.

You no nothing about tech. The Unreal engine, a 'one size fits all' engine, is never going to out perform a proprietary first party engine developed SPECIFICALLY for that game. That coupled with hardware inferiority and production values will leave a sizable gap between anything produced by Naughty Dog, and anything on 360.

I'ma get a lot of disagrees for this, since this is a 360 article. I just came here to see if there was any news on what they're developing, but I guess not.

It's kinda weird Crytek would take this route, cause the only thing they've been successful with so far has been graphics, basically. Crysis isn't much fun in terms of gameplay, so it's interesting that they'd move forward with a title, and abandon there typical unique selling point (best graphics around).

Red-Dead-Roar3050d ago

why do you only have one bubble?
and why do so many ignore you?
and why do more people disagree with you?


divideby03050d ago

I so wish I had the crystal ball, that some use to say which game is gonna be better a year away, especially when we have seen little to none of the game

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8thnightvolley3050d ago

this title will be ace i knw crytek are not going to do a game that wouldnt.. be class.. that is just fact.. its in the dna of the dev.. and a motto to all they do..especially in the graphical department.. so i would say i am really looking forward to this title

Roper3163050d ago

why do I get the feeling this is nothing more than another timed exclusive? I would bet that this game will be on the PS3 between 6 months to a year after it is released on the 360. Sorry but when it comes to game exclusivity I don't believe anything that MS says.

nygamer283050d ago

ever since the bioshock effect thats all you fanboys should i say heavy rain will be on the 360 in 6 it will not happen

absolutecarnage3050d ago

Donèt really want heavy rain on the xbox, I not speaking for everyone but i watched my friend play it on his ps3 ( cool concept ) just too boring for me

Dragun6193050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I'm gonna disagree because I don't think Crytek would do that. They're a respectable developer and they seemed to be working closely with MS on this one.

ChronoJoe3050d ago

Bioshock, Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean the Last Hope, Lost Planet, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Liberty City, Fallout 3 DLC.

Roper3163050d ago

don't worry kinectimals will always be a 360 exclusive. And how does going by past history make me a fanboy? Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden, GTA DLC, etc etc etc. you sir a just a ........

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Heavy Rain can't be run it on Xbox 360, because it don't have the PhysX Tech from Nvidia.

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dragonelite3050d ago

Microsoft is the publisher so no ps 3 version maybe a pc version because microsoft said they want to give pc some more love.

hi23050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

was also the publisher of ninja gaiden 2

edit:so if the game becomes successful crytek might do something like that as well

and i think by change u mean add content

dragonelite3050d ago

But not with ninja gaiden sigma 2.
They got a loop by putting sigma in the name and change content.

R2D23050d ago

Come on..No blood WTF.

ChronoJoe3050d ago

Publishing doesn't mean anything. Like Microsoft are the publisher of Braid on XBL, and Sony are the publisher of Braid on PSN. Same game, different publishers.

But yeah, they don't have the exclusive rights to publish, which would be different from just bieng the games publisher.

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8thnightvolley3050d ago

this is surely not going multiplat coz microsoft game studios is involved.. if u take a look anygame that has them in partnership is never a multi-platform.. so its a true exclusive surely

nygamer283050d ago

i dont expect much but lets see what happens

DA_SHREDDER3050d ago

I bet its been worked on awhile. It takes more time to get the most out of a box than can only do so much. So they gotta cut as many corners as they can. Its so funny cause you got games like Uncharted 2 that get developed in 18 months, and then you got the most highly acclaimed devs who are supposedly the best at making graphics, that have been working for "awhile" on a project. I guess it just goes to show that devs do alot more talking than actually making games?

LordMarius3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

The had to wait for God of War 3 to come out to do some copying and pasting

DA_SHREDDER3050d ago

I would bet the farm that this game is not even gonna be a fraction as good as any ps3 exclusive, let alone GOW3. Nice try there guy. Ohh I cant wait to see the sales figures for this title. It doesn't say Halo, Gears, or COD, this game is definitely on the wrong platform to begin with.

dragonelite3050d ago

To be fair god of war gameplay is kinda lame atleast the fighting is for the rest God of war is like a real time rendered cgi movie dat graphics :p

kancerkid3050d ago

@ Marius

And you know this is a hack and slash how?

And you are pretty ignorant to suggest any developer couldn't do hack and slash like any other, because it is really all the same.

iamgoatman3050d ago

So taking the time to develop your game is now a bad thing? And after Crackdown 2 was recently scrutinized for being rushed?

You people are unbelievable.

36T3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

DA_SHREDDER is simply trying to hide the hurt. It's quite obvious. It's okay buddy. Next time stay out of the 360 section and you won't have to make yourself feel better by writing nonsense. Not enough exclusive PS3 articles to comment on? What about Move or how the Eyetoy is the best tech ever made? Since, you know, it does everything Kinect does and more, right?

Edit: I needed to read those girlish rants all over again. LOL! Hilarious! Da_Shredda is da man yo!

actual_gamer "What's funny is how much time PS3 fanboys like you spend on 360 articles compared to their own"

LMAO! It honestly never get's old and they keep coming back to share there knowledge.

actual_gamer3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

What's funny is how much time PS3 fanboys like you spend on 360 articles compared to their own. Also, the only reason U2 took 18 months to make was because they already had the game built with Uncharted 1, they just built on top of it you retard

R2D23050d ago

A new IP usually takes time becuase you have to start from scratch.

Kingdom Come3050d ago

All People Bloody Care about anymore?!

Red-Dead-Roar3050d ago

it was until the 360 fanboys realized that they had lost the battle.. now it's more about gameplay all of a sudden....

Kahvipannu3050d ago

Heh, there's a lot of logic in your reply. /s

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