Famitsu software sales (6/28 - 7/4)

The latest software top ten sales estimates in Japan from Famitsu have been released.

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Valay3023d ago

I'm honestly not trying to troll...But that's just how things work in Japan. Usually there aren't many titles in the top 10 and consumers tend to purchase the PS3 version of a game over the 360 version.

Cloudberry3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Even though Famitsu themselves recommended the 360 version of Bayonetta, most of Japanese gamers bought it for their PS3 regardless.

Still, it's not surprised to see it, because it's their hometown.

This could be said with the US with Red Dead Redemption for example with the 360 version sold more than the PS3.

klado3023d ago

That is why only people here tend to troll sht over when one version is worse than the other, people gonna buy it regardless of what system they have.

Projekt7tuning3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Their on a roll over there. They have had a game in the top ten the last 2 weeks. That's good for Microsoft.

iistuii3023d ago

Yeah theres 1 360 game, but there's 2 yes 2 PS3 games in the top 10 of the country of it's origin, nothing to shout about there then.

Chris3993023d ago

Wow. Really, you have to wonder what the point is in securing these second rate "exclusives" (in this case, a PC port of a game several years old now). For God's sakes, just buy some studios already and crank out decent 1st/ 2nd party games.

Danja3023d ago

MS japan seems to be thinking what works for others will work for them , they have no clue as to what the japanese market wants

Elven63023d ago

If key Japanese franchises like Monster Hunter don't manage to stay in the top after a while, what good would creating new untested studios and ips do for Japan?

The 360 generally sees a good boost when there is a good exclusive so if Microsoft is able to find a balance between the two it could help somewhat.

Chris3993023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Especially considering that the install base was even smaller than it is now at the time.

Both of those games were heavily funded and promoted by MS. And Vesperia and Star Ocean did the trick for a bit too, but had no lasting effect. Then you have games like N32 and Monster Hunter Online, dating sims and mech games and bullethell shooters, and you just have to wonder, wtf? That's relatively low-grade (or old, in MH: Online's case) content that nobody really wants.

And that's what the issue is, as Danja stated. With a few exceptions they're not catering to the market that they wish to crack. Their most successful forays into Japan were with titles like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Bold, untested IPs that had a distinctly classic, Japanese feel. Not Otaku dating sims and other random shit.

So yes, creating new, risky studios and IPs might just do the trick. It's not as if it could worsen the 360's sorry fortunes in Japan anyhow.

PS360WII3023d ago

I don't care for soccer really (or football to those who care) but I'd like Level 5 to bring those Inazuma Eleven games to the states. The idea of an RPG soccer game sounds fun :)

emil13023d ago

next week white knight chronicles 2 at top spot

Jazz41083023d ago

The first wnc really was a bad bad rpg so I'm hoping this one is a lot better because the ps3 has very few rpgs compared to what the ps2 had and the 360 has.

3023d ago
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