Devolver Digital pissed about Serious Sam HD's free Steam weekend

Ex: Fork Parker, Chief Financial Officer at Devolver Digital, isn't happy about the events unfolding on Steam between July 8th and July 11th.

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Queasy3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hard to tell if they are serious or not but they aren't. (no pun intended)

Neco5123025d ago

Wow, I thought so too. That's crazy!

Dramscus3025d ago

I hate articles like this.
Sarcasm and humour is kind of lost in what's supposed to be text journalism.

Montrealien3025d ago

this guy is just geting people to talk about the game.

Chris_TC3025d ago

Steam obviously can't reduce the price of games without getting clearance from the publisher. Both the free weekend and the price cut must have been green lit.

DaRockSays3025d ago

Holy ****! I'll try to grab this tomorrow ASAP before they take it down!

CrAppleton3025d ago

no kidding! Better be on at midnight

killyourfm3025d ago

Read the starts tomorrow

Double Toasted3025d ago

Valve goes to great measures for their fanbase, lol.

Dorfdad3025d ago

Steam doesn't set the prices developers do. This is some lame attempt to make it look like some crazy deal is going on that you have to get... Better deals were found last week on better games.

Charmers3025d ago

Exactly I find it hard to believe that steam can just go and do this without the aproval of the publisher. I would have thought Devolver Digital would be over the moon about this. You usually find sales of the game spike massively after one of these free to play weekends. I wonder if Devolver Digital will be complaining so much when a massive big fat juicy cheque lands on their door several days after the free to play weekend ?

killyourfm3025d ago

You know, I bet if you people read articles instead of N4G excerpts, you'd realize something ;-)

Charmers3025d ago

I did read the article if you can call that an article. I appreciate some people are saying this is "humour" however from what I can see there is nothing to hint that it is funny.

You also have to remember this comment came from a Chief Financial Officer now I don't know about you but CFO's are not exactly well renowned for their comedic approach to life.

killyourfm3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

...and the Editor's note at the end of the article didn't clue you in? ;-)

Or perhaps the fact that their CFO uses the phrase "Sweet multiplayer juice?"

At any rate, this comes mainly from their press release, just regurgitating what they've said. For those unfamiliar with Devolver, they've always had this kind of cavalier attitude.

Charmers3025d ago

Then it is pretty obvious they were well aware the article doesn't "come across as humourous" if they have to make a statement at the bottom saying "oh it was a joke".

As for "Devolver" having this kind of cavalier attitude well I wouldn't know I don't follow this developer primarily because they don't make games I like to play. Even though Serious Sam HD will be free to play this weekend I wouldn't even waste my bandwidth downloading it to try it, that is just how good I find Devolver's stuff.

Now you say it is a joke and I read the article and it sure as hell did NOT come across as a joke, it made Devolver look like douche bags to be honest.

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killyourfm3025d ago

It's not 'fake' it's called humor. Atlus sends out press releases like this all the time. Makes a games writers' job just a little more tolerable :-)

peeps3025d ago

Very true lol his comment even sounds quite sarcastic.

anyway might give this a look tbh

BillOreilly3025d ago

might get into pc gaming steam is so cheap

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