Hydro Thunder Hurricane Dated

The indie developer’s motto is “Big games in small packages,” and their first game as a studio should deliver on that promise. The downloadable game features 8 all new race tracks, new Single Player game modes, Xbox LIVE Leaderboard challenges, as well as robust multiplayer support for 8 players online, local split screen races with up to 4 players - and a combination of split screen and online play.

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CrAppleton3027d ago

I LOVED the first game on Dreamcast.. and in the arcades!

Neco5123027d ago

Yeah, I remember the first one, never played it on DC but I played the hell out of it in Boomers Arcade

TheXgamerLive3027d ago

On the Sega Dreamcast, ahh the day's:)

I raced the hell out of this every day, can't wait to rock the arcade version and race it.

I always loved hearing....HYDRO THUNDER !!!!!

callahan093027d ago

Sweet! Can't wait for this game! I loved the original. July 28, damn you...

I WILL somehow get this game, but I really wish I had taken advance of GameStop's trade-in your old 360 towards the new one deal when they were doing that. My 20gb hard drive is completely filled with XBLA games, except for about 50 MB which I am keeping reserved for sale files for any games I might potentially play. I don't want to delete any of my XBLA games to make room, though. I desperately need a bigger HDD. Plus, my 360 is really old and makes a shit-kicking racket whenever it's on. I'd love to have one of the new ones because of the HDD space, the quietness, the wi-fi, and the decreased power consumption.

Crap. Really kicking myself about not taking advance of that trade-in offer when I had the chance. Now I feel like there's no good way to get a decent value trading up.

Either way, I'm GOING TO find a way to fit Hydro Thunder on my hard drive on July 28.

DaRockSays3027d ago

I never played the original. I take it it was good? I like racing games, never played a boat racing game

callahan093027d ago

Oh, it was great. I mean I haven't played it since around 2000 or 2001, but I loved it to death back in the day. I'm glad they're doing a new one instead of releasing the original. This way they can make sure it stands up to today's quality standards. A lot of great games from 10 years ago or so didn't age that well. They're still conceptually great but by today's standards often have unbearable camera, control, and graphical niggles. So yeah I'm excited for a brand new one!

DaRockSays3027d ago

Rockets coming out of hidden compartments and what not, sounds intense

Neco5123027d ago

Dude, IDK about the consoles, but the arcade was amazing!

killyourfm3027d ago

Jesus, this is gonna be an awesome Summer of Arcade!