The Whole World Looks Silly Playing Kinect

These new shots for Microsoft's Kinect, though, are especially great, because not only do they feature people trying to look silly flailing around their living room, but they feature what must be the most amazing group share house in world history.

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halojunkie3027d ago

not me, im not touching it.

deadreckoning6663027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I don't give a crap what it makes me look long as I'm having fun. If people have nothing better to do than to watch/critcize me while I play a game, thats THEIR issue...not mine.

@The Meerkat- Thats the problem with society. Everyones so concerned about what other RANDOM people think about them. Pretty pathetic stuff right there.

"I`m not insecure. Kinect just doesn`t look like much fun, it looks like more of a chore."

So your judging Kinect based on how it "looks"..but not how it plays? WOOOOW

MariaHelFutura3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Yes, I haven`t played it yet. If I like it I`ll buy it. But it`s pretty unlikely since it *looks* like a chore.

And yes your correct I and what I say is the main problem with society.

Raf1k13027d ago

I think it'll do well with casuals. That dance game whatever it's called is likely to be a hit with casual gamers who love that kind of game which BTW seems to be very well put together.

Anon19743027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

"So your judging Kinect based on how it "looks"..but not how it plays? "

I don't have to try masturbating with a cheese grater to know it's no fun.

I agree with the comments above. Kinect doesn't look like fun. I can hop in front of my TV without Kinect for 5 minutes and say "Ok. Now imagine that with a game in front of me" and get the gist of it.

Just not my thing. Even watching people play Kinect makes me want to turn away, grab a controller and dive into a game of Demon's Souls to forget what I've just seen.

Obama3027d ago

@ Davoh

99.9% of the people who have a 360 and kinect won't have a slim body allowing them to execute all the fancy moves.

Omega43027d ago

Its sad that so many people are so selfconscious in their own homes.

The Meerkat3027d ago

The whole world may look silly.

But its only the ones who are insecure with themselves that would let that fact stop them from having fun.

(and if you click disagree, then yes I am talking about YOU Mr Insecure)

MariaHelFutura3027d ago

I`m not insecure. Kinect just doesn`t look like much fun, it looks like more of a chore.

electrolemon3027d ago

I couldn't agree more. I mean, Kinect doesn't look like something I'm interested in, but if it was, I wouldn't let me looking stupid while playing it be an issue for me. If you're not willing to have fun while playing games, why play games in the first place?

As if video games have ever been about "looking cool".

3027d ago
Donny3027d ago

kinect reminds me too much of sci3nt0l0gy...

electrolemon3027d ago

I have never heard a comparison that makes less sense.

mrv3213027d ago

Kinect reminds me of Avatar, both do depth, both look good in picture... both when it comes down to it is boring and really ads nothing to each respective genre, with Avatar being a waste of money and Natal being a waste of money which could be invested better into first party studios.

Red-Dead-Roar3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

they are both silly?


or fucking rubbish if you'd like-.

maniacmayhem3027d ago

Didn't the whole world look silly playing the Wii? Yet, here we are with the Move.

And how is this different then the uber popular DDR and other dance games that came out years ago?

Tony-A3027d ago

Most of the Wii's big sellers don't involve waving your arms and looking silly. That's why that argument died as fast as it did.

T9X693027d ago

Guess you never played Wii Sports then huh? Boxing made you look like a total goof ball.

Biggest3027d ago

Oh yeah! Because Wii Sports was not bundled with the Wii and people rushed out to go pick it up.

Rocket Sauce3027d ago

This is how they marketed the Wii. People like silly.

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