On game education and development: “Making games, not just playing them, is the future”

Critical Gamer writes: Jan-Pieter van Seventer has ten years of experience in the Dutch game industry as a designer for consoles, PC and handhelds. He has been working at game company W! games as a production director for years and teaches at the Game Design department at the School of Arts in Utrecht. Since 2008 he is also the strategic director at development center Dutch Game Garden.

Today, he talks to us about game education and development. He discusses what could be changed and how much more effective both could become.

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Jim Crikey3029d ago

Even in education, videogames don't have the respect they need.

scruffy_bear3029d ago

It will be a few more years before videogames get any respect.

Cubes3028d ago

When I was at school there wasn't even any way of getting into games development. Which is something I would've been very interested in. Oh well back to magazine design it is then!

Jockie3028d ago

When I was at school, IT was just taught in the most pathetically outdated manner you could imagine, we learnt more relevant things from Business Studies about the applications of computing than we did IT. Heres to hoping the future generations are given opportunities we were denied, so we can talk bitterly about the youth and their fancy-schmantzy high-tech knowledge and bemoan our own educations to anyone will listen (and even people who aren't listening).