Predators movie out soon, but where's the PC game?

PC Format has written an opinion piece on the new Predators film and the disappointing lack of a PC game:
"The plot sees the best killers on Earth transported to another planet. This friendly bunch include a mass murderer, an assassin, a merc, a Yakuza dude with a samurai sword ... Right now, you're probably thinking this is a guaranteed shoe-in for a PC game. I would expect, at least a weak-ass, console port of an FPS in the offing, but where is it? Apparently there's an... iPhone game. Oh good."

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Charmers3029d ago

Yeah I can totally see them making a PC game based off the Predator movie worth buying. I can't even remember the last time I played a good movie based game and I really can't see them doing a decent predator game especially on the PC.

So rather than moan about there not being a PC predator game we should be grateful that they decided not to inflict a pile of crap on the PC.

Ari3029d ago

But sometimes we do get a gem - Chronicles of Riddick?