How to make your PC run faster and more efficiently - 1st article in the series

Larry Gonzales of Writes:

One question that I hear on an almost daily basis is, “How do I make my computer run better and faster? Since there are so many different factors that go into making a computer run sluggishly or poorly, I decided to write a series of articles that address the more common problems.

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Quagmire3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

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But seriously, informative article bro!

GodsHand3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

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sid4gamerfreak3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I own a gaming laptop and a gaming pc but my laptop sucks and when i travel i play on my laptop. U guys know what i do to boost my fps in pc gaming?

My card sucks, its a 8600m gt. But i play every single game out there on high (except crysis) and this is how i do it:

Firstly, I never have too many files. I delete all unnecessary files and thoroughly delete them PERMANENTLY via shredding.

I downloaded a program called game booster which is actually pretty useful. You can make it switch to gaming mode, where it completely eradicates all unnecessary background tasks, almost everything, so memory isnt used. It also has a game defragmentor where if ur game starts up and runs slowly, u can use this tool to make it open faster. So all that memory i have isnt wasted and is used in the game...

Next thing i do is overclocking. I use rivatuner and overclock my graphics card to a reasonable temp without burning my laptop. How do i know the temp of my graphic card? I use cpuid, it tracks the temps of all ur hardware in ur pc and mine runs after overclocking at around 70 degrees. I reckon I could overclock more but i play it safe. Remember overclocking is a risk, u can permanently damage ur pc. Also, overclocking works well with some gpus and not too well with others. Always keep track of ur temp...

Its suprising how my weak graphics card on my laptop can still handle modern games out there.

Update ur drivers constantly. Dont forget. Drivers always improve on the efficiency of the games running and may give a performance boost so always install and update drivers.

Also use Ccleaner to clean files that take up space...

I disable many startup programs as well, this can help and dont clutter ur desktop

sid4gamerfreak3028d ago

@nycredude: Unfortunately i have to do all those settings cause i have a crappy laptop. My gpu is pretty old, so i have to play around with all those settings. On my gaming desktop however, i have a 5870 so i play everything at max 1080p resolution

Ya its celsius

nycredude3028d ago


I play every game I have on my laptop on maxed settings, and Crysis on everything high at 1080p. And I don't do anything you do. I just bought an Asus G73jh-a1. It also comes with an instant overclock button so i don't have to play around with all those settings.

How the hell do you keep your laptop at 70 degrees? Is it celsius?

Quagmire3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

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tdrules3028d ago

I find the best way is to reformat every 3 months.
cleans everything out, obviously back up stuff you need.

Belevedere is also useful, I made it so that when i download a picture, it goes into a picture folder etc, so you know where everything is.

CCleaner also helps for cleaning out temporary files that just fill up space.

Finally, overclock if you can!

callahan093028d ago

Do you do a full-zero reformat? Or just a quick reformat?

callahan093028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Sorry, double-post.

branchedout3028d ago

Well, in the more advanced computing community, they say reformatting to optimize your computer is a bit silly. And unneeded.

I've found that with use of Revo Uninstaller, you don't need to reformat. You usually do reformats because all of the stuff you install, and uninstall causes the registry to go awry.


And much like this article states, startup programs can kill your system! I can be on the internet from pressing the power button on my computer within a minute. My need for a SSD doesn't warrent the cost.

jaosobno3028d ago

I've been a PC gamer since 92' (my first PC was now ancient 286) and I can tell you that only way to see any relevant performance boost is by upgrading your components.

While overclocking does give you a little boost (unless you are willing to go extreme with liquid cooling, etc. then it can be a substantial boost), nothing beats more RAM, faster CPU or most important of all a new graphics card.

And that's why PC sucks. It's an endless money hole.

All this "clean your registry" crap will never give you a performance boost.

callahan093028d ago

Well that's just not true at all. You can buy a PC and on day one have 30 second windows boot time, and launch your browser in less than 1 second. 3 years later, if you didn't take good care of your registry and your machine in general, that 30 second boot time can turn into a 5 minute boot time, and you can be waiting 20 seconds for the browser to launch. Clean your system properly and you can get it back to what it was when it was closer to new.

Venatus-Deus3028d ago


I don’t think he was referring to a computer that hadn’t been looked after and was getting its first maintenance from the user after three years.

jaosobno3028d ago

Windows boot time is not the issue. The framerate is and that one is not archieved by cleaning the registry.

Moreover, when your windows start to boot up slow, it's time for a fresh windows installation. And all those registry cleaners usually end up deleting registry relevant entries and cause you to reinstall windows.

lonix3028d ago

by default any version of windows should be reinstalled every 12 months

jjesso19933028d ago

not for people that use DD systems like steam who wants be downloading all games every year just keep system clean and dont go stupid websites dont download crap and a pc last years without rebuilding.

iamgoatman3028d ago

You can back up games from Steam quite easily, either by using the in-build back-up feature or simply copying the steamapps folder onto a separate hard drive.

If you use a DD service you should think about backing up your games often anyway, as if theres ever a problem and you have to format your HDD you'll have to re-download everything again which can take ages and use huge amounts of bandwidth.

jjesso19933028d ago

thanks i was not aware you can do that.

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