Phil Harrison Talks Little Big Planet, Home , 30 FPS Madden & Upcoming PS3 Titles

Remember that E3 thing? During that three days of not-so-glorious madness, 1UP cornered Sony Computer Entertainment's Head of Worldwide Studios, Phil Harrison, for some head-to-head discussion about a number of topics related to the PlayStation universe. What'd they talk about? GameVideos has the footage, with highlights below.

Madden on PS3 Only 30 FPS
"[pause] Well, I can only point to our own sports studio [doing a] 1080p, 60 frames-per-second basketball game, but I'm afraid I have no idea. We're providing some tools and technologies from our worldwide studio's core technology groups to 3rd parties now, as well. You may remember something from GDC, we announced this thing called EDGE and that's now widely deployed within the 3rd party community, and that is clearly improving the developer's ability to maximize what the CELL processor does. Hopefully, that will assist folks like EA. It would concern me if the platform was incapable of doing it, but we've proven the platform is capable of doing it, so it's not a PlayStation 3 issue. I'm trying to be polite."

How Home is Progressing
"We did have a small hiccup on getting the Home development kit out, but it actually went out on Tuesday [Harrison is referring to Tuesday, July 10th], so that's already started out there. Some of the functionality that goes into Home is actually based on top of the PlayStation Network functionality and it has to be deployed there first before we can put the visual layer on top of it, so there's a couple of different schedule issues in that, but, we're on schedule for the Fall, as we said yesterday. Game launching, the ability to launch games directly from inside of Home, is in the next library update for developers, which will be in August."

highps36165d ago

As far as Madden 08, id care if it were a decent football game but its not. The whole entire game needs to be completely re done...

Have they EVER switched the camera view? EVER? Even in the 90's Madden still had that same 3rd person over the quarterback view... Sorry but in real football surely the quarterback doesnt see the field as if he were in a blimp...

I have Madden 07 which frankly looks the same, ill pretend my rosters updated and save 59.99 for a decent game... I like how they pawned off side line catches as a feature this year... As opposed to last years retarded AI just running out of bounds...

Thats EA for you... Creativity NOT IN THE GAME!

Omegasyde6165d ago

Phil gave a verbal "back hand" to EA and Take2

"...Well We(sony) can produce a full 1080p basketball game running at 60 frames....."

Granted it is less players on "field" vs football but usually the basketball games make it up by making the fans in the stands pop out.


Madden making the people in the stands look like generic moving cardboard stickouts which all wear the same flannel sweater. :)

ben hates you6165d ago

madden will still no matter what sell like crazy

risk6165d ago

and you can thank hicks for that.

Vojkan6165d ago

Hmm, it was ok interview. Not much of new did we found out. They should have asked him more specific things about Infamous, than are 8 Days and GetAway 3 in works or are they canceled and so on.
HOME and LBP and already explained and overused for so many times since GDC 07.
But yeah tumbs up for PhilH.

junk566165d ago

phil harrison is probably the best exec from all the companies. hes not a liar, scripted and he doesnt dodge the questions like a lot of the other execs. when hes interviewed, he simply answers the question in the proper manner not repeating or biasing much

Omegasyde6165d ago (Edited 6165d ago )

Yea If he could only give public relations lessons to Jack Trenton. This guy should of taken the Mic from Ken Kataguri and Jack Trenton along time ago.

WIIIS16165d ago

Man EA ought to sue this guy for defamation. Everyone knows the cell is useless for games which accounts for the framerate issues in PS3 games, and there he goes casting aspersions at the developers' integrity.

DrPirate6165d ago (Edited 6165d ago )

Too bad we can't sue you for forcing us to read your stupid banter.

MK_Red6165d ago

Have you even seen a good PS3 game like Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Resistance? NGS runs smoothly at 60 FPS at 1080p while Resistance goes does the same at 720p. Cell may indeed be a bit more difficult to work for but if games like MGS4, GT5, Killzone2 and Ratchet & Clank TOD are any indication, bad ports on PS3 like this one from EA are the fault of lazy developers.

Bathyj6165d ago

I cant believe you used the word integrity while talking about EA.

I only wish your parents were as lazy as them an not bothered having sex to create you 10 years ago.

jerrell6165d ago

I can see that you do not have a PS3 and what someone needs to do is sue your parents for conceiving you! I agree with DrPirate with his comment. That is just stupid banter!!!

WIIIS16165d ago

@ Bathyi

You really don't have to tell us all about how much of a chore it was for your parents to have sex with each other.

And I'm guessing you go around justifying your virginity by saying you're just too lazy to have sex?

Vash_The_Stampede6165d ago


That was a weak comeback.

Omegasyde6165d ago

Go rent Def jam or something, or heck go watch Yo Mamma! on MTV. Your shiznit is weak, son.

If anyone is to blame, its Trojan Brand Latex for your presence here today.

WIIIS16165d ago

Sony fans, just because I think Phil shouldn't be pointing fingers at developers doesn't mean that you have to get so riled up and talk trash about topics that you're just too young to fully comprehend, such as sex. Its not like you're all the bastard sons of Phil Harrison are you? Or are you...?

T_Tokyo20106165d ago

I think its only fair to say that both sides play the blame game once in a while, and some of the time its true that the devs are just lazy, or too short on time.

macalatus6165d ago

@Bull$h!t the Third, aka BS3

Look at you, Bull$h!t the Third, all invigorated with those (unfortunately given) "5" bubbles!! If you weren't so much idiotic as to post something like "everyone knows that the cell is useless" then you wouldn't have to deal of being gang-posted by Sony fans. And another thing: Where in the freakin' interview does it shows that Harrison said something truly bad that would be constituted as "slander"? A slander would be saying something that isn't entirely true and stating it as "fact". A good example of slander would be me calling you "stupid". But then again, as evident in your post, you proved that it is a FACT, so it can't be "slander". Oh, what the hell, you didn't call yourself Bull$h!t the Third for nothing!!

PS Speaking about sex, and since you probably know more about it, how's the progress in producing the next member of the Bull$h!t family, Bull$h!t the Fourth?

ISay6165d ago

i read his comment and thought it was dumb then i read all your comments and thought you guys might be going a little too far with this guy then i read his comment again to find your right “what a cunt thing to say”

The Wood6165d ago

you were meant to be OUT at three strikes. If your supprised buy peoples response to your childlike comments then you really are dupid.

on topic
Phill is a good speaker especially when your face to face it seems. Lets hope he can keep it like this as it gives LESS fodder for sony haters.

Real Gambler6165d ago

When asked about the fact that EA did a game in 30fps for the PS3, Phil said that there's already games out in 1080P at 60fps. He also said that Sony has develepped tools to help developpers make games. What's bad about this please???

If somebody could be sued for defamation, it could be you... After all, you're saying "Everyone knows the cell is useless for games" but with absolutely no proof whatsoever. This is defamation. Proof, there's many awesome games out already, and more to come. You are truly sad.

popup6164d ago

Keep saving those pennies BS3, and you too can afford one someday.

Children today....

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madness6165d ago

Fluffy Rabbit Game = System Seller