Hideo Kojima Discusses Metal Gear Solid Rising and Castlevania

Andriasang: Hideo Kojima has repeatedly said that he's not taking a direct development role on Metal Gear Solid Rising. But he doesn't seem to mind talking up the game every now and then.

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Dragun6193025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hamamura first asked Kojima to clarify his role on Rising. "I'm not making it," said Kojima. "As executive producer, I'm leaving it up to the youngsters. Although, even though I call them youngsters, they're of good age."

Hamamura pointed out to Kojima that Rising will be telling the story of how Raiden became the cyborg of Metal Gear Solid 4. "That's what they're saying," said Kojima, "but I'm of the stance, 'do as you please.'"

There you go folks, for those that still say Kojima is directly involve with the game, he isn't. If he isn't working on either MGS Rising or Castlevannia: Lords of Shadow, then he must be working on something. Maybe those rumors that he's announcing a major PS3 Exclusive at TGS might have some truth to it.

Rigmaster3025d ago

Wow. Kojima not only has absolutely nothing to do with Rising he doesn't seem to even have the slightest interest in the game.

Blaze9293025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

so what exactly are you two's point? You all are acting as if the game will suck because he isn't directing it. Oh yeah, because the entire Kojima Productions studios staff suck ass without Hideo.


Nvm the fact that the MGS4 is now working on Rising as well huh?:

But whatever, you guys and others are clearly hating for some strange reason and who knows why. The gameplay trailer from E3 this year looked kickass and I can't wait to play and enjoy it...unless it sucks but no one knows that so shouldn't be so quick to dismiss this game yet because Hideo isn't directing it. Big whoop.

Redrum0593025d ago

lets just hope that kojima-son is preparing for a new ZOE game.

Dragun6193025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

@ Blaze

When did I say this game suck? I think this game looks great. Just waiting on more gameplay videos to see some of the game play mechanics and how they will involve and balance Stealth and Action. It'll help me solidify my decision if I were to pre order it or wait for the reviews. I was just merely pointing out that Kojima isn't working on the game as many pointed out as it would be and that the rumor that he may announce a PS3 Exclusive at TGS could be true. I think your just overreacting over something dumb as Rigmaster post.

Kojima stated in interview with that his position as the Executive producer is to give maximum freedom to his young team and to ensure that it meets no obstacle to administrative level and that's what Kojima is exactly doing.

3025d ago
Lombax3025d ago

"This game is complete joke. Nothing more than a silly Devil May Cry clone with some Metal Gear character skins slapped."

So, you've already played it, huh? Cool! Mind telling the rest of us where to pick up a copy?

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SOAD3025d ago

I was objecting to the claim that Kojima had ridiculed Rising. I've known for some time that he wasn't involved with it.

harrisk9543025d ago

"Everything is being made by Kojima Productions staff," Kojima said. "For Rising, we've developed new technology for 'cutting anything you want,' and we're seeing how game designers will put this to use. It's a mainstream European and North American-style game. So, I feel that it doesn't matter if it lacks the message aspect of a MGS game I'd make."

rezzah3025d ago

Kojima wanted to start a new project on something that could make or break him. Literally. He said so himself in a article like 2 months ago. Sorry but I dont remember much other info about what he said. Also I rememebr that some agreed that the possibility of what he wanted to implement into his new project could deal with religion in some way.

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A LIVING LEGEND3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Interesting.A creative mind is never idle.....
Just need a little more rumors with hidden truths....
Or truths masquerading as rumor...
C'mon Kojima... o_O

stephmhishot3025d ago

Lol at kids running up for watermelon. So the young'ns weren't too happy to end their serious trailer with a bit of Kojima humor.

I thought Kojima made it pretty clear who was driving the ship at E3 anyway. He basically said "what's up?" and bounced. I suppose MS wanted him there to sort of vindicate the game in the eyes of fans.

On another note, anyone have any idea why MS has Kojima (attempt to) speak English at their press conferences while Sony lets him use a translator? I get that obviously that MS is an American company and Sony is a Japanese company, but jeez, I love the guy but its painful to listen to him use his broken English (it also led to some "engrish" jokes being made at his expense by morons on the internet). You'd think MS would just let him speak Japanese and let the translator do his job.

Unbiased13025d ago

his english is fine. Why people expect him to speak perfect English is beyond me, can those same people at least speak broken Japanese? Doubt it.

SOAD3025d ago

He speaks English better than I speak Japanese, so I can't make fun of him.

3025d ago

On that same note,I found it rather obvious as to why.Obvious yet lacking of etiquette or any kind of understanding save this;
We have him speaking(though awkward) english as well.Yes,it is that tight. :( Lame.

Obama3025d ago

I am still going to get rising since it looks fun, but it is clearly not a proper mgs game, but rather a spin off.

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