Party Chat And The Death Of Multiplayer

Although party chat has allowed gamers to avoid the more obnoxious and foul denizens of the internet, it has lead to a decrease in community interaction and general friendliness online. Something needs to be done to correct this.

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Dramscus3029d ago

I hope XGC never comes to ps3. Or if it does only for single player games. If I'm in an online match of a game I want to talk to the people I'm playing that game with.

Kurt Russell3029d ago

You guys would hate me - on xbox live my mic is set to hear and speak to friends only. I don't even need party chat to be un-hearable... I don't want to talk to you are anyone else, I know how to play the games I play - and I know how I like to play them.

I have a similar set up for my PS3... I just don't use the mic.

Dramscus3028d ago

Well if I have my mic in my ear I'm usually playing team deathmatch of some kind.
Probably MAG.
Which I play for the team work so teamwork is what goes on ever the mic.
Even in uncharted 2 though I like talking to my team mates and opponents. Best way to make new gaming friends to group with.

Xx Ziyad xX3029d ago

yaah party chat kill multiplayer games .. but devs have choice to put party to there games like IW did with COD6 no party chat ..