Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus sell one million units in Australia

E4G: Nintendo of Australia has announced that it has managed to sell one million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, including the Wii Balance Board.

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matrix2243027d ago

Well, this is good for Nintendo...shows that they have a somewhat strong base in Australlia.

mmoracerules3027d ago least it didn't get banned like L4D2.

dkblackhawk503027d ago made me feel sorry for them. It is mentally retarded..

matrix2243027d ago

I think NA topped that a long time ago :D

mmoracerules3027d ago

Does that really surprise you?

ClownBelt3027d ago

"I think NA topped that a long time ago"
Considering the amount of obese people living in NA, no wonder.

dkblackhawk503027d ago

Ouch...that is a bit harsh don't you think?

mmoracerules3027d ago

Love using this, a good time to work out. Best Thing In my opinion that nintendo made.

Aphe3027d ago

Is that what your boyfriend said CrAnKiTuP_01?