This Week's Flying Get (Kojima Discusses Next Project, First Few God Eater Burst Details and more)

Andriasang: Welcome to the this week's issue of Weekly Flying Get, where every week we delivery the early leaks from magazines like Famitsu, Dengeki and Gemaga.

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raztad3025d ago

This might be BIG:

"Kojima Discusses Next Project

There's an interview in this week's Famitsu with Metal Gear series mastermind Hideo Kojima. And not just any interview -- a "special" interview.

Kojima speaks a bit about his next project, mentioning the following:

* The design doc is almost finalized
* The platform will be a CONSOLE
* This is the "Taboo" he Tweeted about in the past
* He hopes to realize stuff he couldn't do in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
* Asked for a release period, he responded something to the effect of "Once I've started moving, I'm quick."
* ZOE's development is being pushed back."

BleuStreeks3024d ago

Whatever the project is about I will buy the limited edition of it. Kojima deserves my money he creates masterpiece after masterpiece....Im gitty with anticipation.