Xbox Live Sales Probably Topped $1 Billion for the First Time

Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live online video-game service probably broke the $1 billion revenue mark for the first time in the year that just ended, helped by sales of movies, avatar accessories and extra game levels.

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Serjikal_Strike3029d ago

bad for the people that are paying for a service that should be FREE!

jaredhart3029d ago

I have both a 360 and a PS3 and continue to pay $40 a year because most of my friends play on the 360.

lociefer3029d ago

daeeymmn, thts a lotta suckas

Serjikal_Strike3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

thats exactly what microsoft wanted...
a kid buys a 360...his friend is goin to want a 360
a kid buys LIVE...his friend is goin to want to buy LIVE

and it worked...but me personaly..i bought a 360 cuz it came out b4 the ps3...a year later it crapped on me/had it fixed then sold it as soon as the ps3 hit shelves...
point is
I buy systems for the GAMES not cuz my friends have one!

disagrees are from the same people that keep buying the same hardware(360s) that fails time and time again...oh well,keep putting more money in Micro$oft$ guys are doin a good job of it!

Conloles3029d ago

Nice one, how you console suckers fall for the scams of Xbox Live and Playstation Plus. I'll go enjoy gaming on DEDICATED SERVERS on my pc for FREE! MWAHAHAHHA

PoSTedUP3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

dosent the ps3 have dedicated servers? and isnt ps3 online.. free..? just saying... and dosent ps3 have a huge free social gaming network called Home? just saying... hehe

edit @ hideff freak- exactly, all my friends have 360s, all i had to do was look over at the playstation brand and see granturismo and socom sitting there waiting for me. sori friends : )

r1sh123029d ago

at the guy whos talking about PC is the best.
Have fun with all the mods on every game.
At least on the 360 its on a couple of games, and the ps3 isnt really modded yet.
Xbox live is a good service and I dont mind paying for it.
PSN is a decent service but remember when MW2 came out, I couldnt get on the ps3 servers for 2 days after release. Thats never happened on the xbox. I did buy MW2 on both consoles and I play extensively on both.

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RatFuker3029d ago ShowReplies(1)
marioporter3029d ago

Free movies, and TV shows, and everything else I want because I pay 14 cents a day? Get real.

georgeenoob3029d ago

Blame this for Sony moving into subscriptions too.

DelbertGrady3029d ago

Are you saying Microsoft makes decisions for Sony now? You must be in some sort of Jedi denial.

Xbox Live can't be that bad considering how many users they have. I think it's a solid service myself, and most of the people crying about it in here seem to be PS3 fanboys.

edhe3029d ago


I've got now idea how old you might be but you obviously don't understand that money is what makes industries work.

The subs are a requirement of the ongoing billing that an online service requires.

UnSelf3029d ago

i wanna share a story real quick:

This story has to do with the grim reality of trying to become an elite member of the 360 but being too broke to become one. ill keep it brief:

The story begins with the death of my launch model 60 PS3. After 4 trustworthy years of service it finally crapped out on me.

Being unemployed at the time, i needed to get my gaming fix and fast and Crackdown 2 was just around the corner.

S0 i turned to the seemingly inexpensive Xbox 360. Man was i in for a ride.

I didnt notice in the past when i first purchase my 1st 360 how trivial it is to purchase this console and game online, when money wasnt really a thing.

Being the broke guy i was at the time, the first thing i went to do was research where i can find a 360 for cheap, and so the mayhem begun.

First i went to Cragslist. Great!! someone was selling a brand new 360 for only 100 bucks!!!

but was an arcade unit....bummer

so i then research a pro unit. ok, a bit more expensive....but i didnt fret, this system becoming a part of my library was still somewhat feasible.

but wait.....i needed a wireless adapter...bummer

i began to grow frustrated. after several favors, and broken promises ive managed to accumulate enough money to purchase the unit.

but wait.... XBL, bummer

still i didnt fret, i could purchase a 3 month

but wait....i gotta buy the actual game.....bummer

i had enough. i flew into a frenzy, got down on my knees and asked why and cried the night away on the carpet.

the next day i bought a ps3, with no peripherals, i mean literally none.

once more i gamed, again....

Serjikal_Strike3029d ago

but good thing you didnt buy Crackdown 2

PoSTedUP3029d ago

i here ya, i bought a 360 off craigslist for $85 W/ a 20gig harddrive to play halo3, once those free month of XBlive gold expired... SEE YA!!. sold it for $130, then continued to play socom and go on playstation home, for free.

i only need one until the ps4 comes out.

edhe3029d ago

Get a job and you could've gotten one just fine.

I don't think anybody cares about the difficulties of buying things when you're too thick or lazy to have a job :)

SOAD3029d ago

"First i went to Cragslist. Great!! someone was selling a brand new 360 for only 100 bucks!!! "

Mistake #1.

"but wait.....i needed a wireless adapter...bummer "

Mistake #2. Do you have a mentally retarded modem that doesn't have any ethernet slots? Do you want to know how cheap a Cat-5 cable is?

"but wait....i gotta buy the actual game.....bummer

i had enough. i flew into a frenzy, got down on my knees and asked why and cried the night away on the carpet.

the next day i bought a ps3, with no peripherals, i mean literally none."

Mistake #3. You just said that you got down on your knees and cried because you couldn't afford a game. You couldn't afford a 65 dollar game on your 360 so you went and purchased a PS3?

To top it off, you're broke and you're still focused on gaming? I see you have your priorities in order.

This is very poor attempt at trolling. And to add insult to injury, it's a very long post.

Dread3028d ago

you bought a playstation to save money

lolololololololoololooloolool ooloolooooooolooool

you know you can play 360 games offline too right?

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sid4gamerfreak3029d ago

i cant believe people fall into microsofts scams of xbox live. I have a old xbox 360, but i refuse to buy an overpriced wireless adapter just to connect to the internet, on top of that im not paying 40 dollars for a service and features i dont need or want. And no im not buying the new 360 just for wifi and other features my ps3 already has.

PC and ps3 have dedicated servers and both r free. Thats what i call a good 'value'. Both offer features i want and i dont have to pay a cent for it

baodeus3029d ago

so what u saying that x360 doesn't dedicated server (what about FF11 and other games that used dedicated server?) You guys really make it sounds like PS3 is the only one that have dedicated server. Both have dedicated server and p2p.

Sometime i really have to think if you guys ever used live or even own another console cause it seems you guys don't know anything beside PS3 (where is the credibility when you guys talk about something that you know nothing about?)

I like Live because it is really smooth experience especially connecting with friends for playing game. It is just so easy and well connected. Care to give example of how you connect with friends on PSN?

And if you can't afford $3 dollar per month, i don't know how you guys survive on the daily basis?

PSN is great because you can't beat free online gaming right? Then there is no need to pay for PSN + (it still doesn't have that connection aspect of live). It is worth it if you buy a lot of stuff each month (but that is the catch, you have to buy more stuffs to make it worth it). What if i don't want to buy stuff and i just want to play game (which many of you seem to be going for anyways since the beginning of this pointless argument)?

sid4gamerfreak3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

@baodeus: No my point is:

Why would i want to pay for a service which features dedicated servers when i can get it for free on the pc and ps3?

Also many games on live dont support dedicated servers unlike the PC

SOAD3029d ago

"I have a old xbox 360, but i refuse to buy an overpriced wireless adapter just to connect to the internet" "

Wow, Bubbles has the same problem. He can't connect to the internet without a wireless adapter, either. /s

Here, sid4gamerfreak.

"on top of that im not paying 40 dollars for a service and features i dont need or want."

Why did you get an Xbox 360 again? If you didn't want or need the 360s features, then why did you get one? I refuse to believe that people can be this dense. I am repressing the memory of your post.

NinjaAssassin3029d ago

You can say it should be free all you want. But creating and maintaining such a feature-rich service as Xbox LIVE requires a lot of time and money.

The only reason Sony doesn't charge for the basic PSN is because they can't. Nobody would pay for it when there is a better service available.

I'm happy paying the $40 a year considering the quality of the service and everything it does.

ManGastaS3029d ago

Sony wont be here 5 years from now!

Apple, Google and Microsoft, belive me Sony is almost done!

qface643029d ago

your a total idiot you know that i can say that without any kind of hesitation a total IDIOT

SOAD3029d ago

In a capitalist society, absolutely nothing has to be free.

SkylineR3028d ago

I'd rather pay for the sub and keep it with all the features, and not have it turn into a lackluster you-get-what-you-pay-for service like PSN.

Dread3028d ago

guess what I'll never stop playing for Xbox live, it is so easy to find and play with friends. You can talk to them while playing different games and watching movies. If you like playing with friends then its Xbox live. If you prefer playing alone then go for the free playstation experience.

It is obvious to me that most playstation fans have simply not experienced xbox live... MS did a briliant move by including a headset with every system (somthing fanboys always forget and never give credit for) this guarantees that you can talk to people while you play. Ms created a great environment were you can hook up with friends and easily play whatever you want.

Also, i find it amazing how we get two or three new games per week.
O and by the way, the only reason playstation is free is becasue they do not have a choice. If they charged nobody would use the inferior service.

I do not mind paying 4 dollars a month for this, and kudos for MS for making a profit and keeping up the amazing service.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for, and free is not always better.


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edhe3029d ago


Wow - amazing, I can do that to.

BeaArthur3028d ago

haha, funny stuff. I always love people that do the M$. It's like they think Sony and Nintendo don't care about money. No, you're right, Sony & Nintendo care about you and not their bottom line.

RockmanII73029d ago

hopefully some of that money goes to games

Sarcasm3029d ago

Nonsense, it goes into timed exclusives, exclusive deals with anything COD on it, and Kinectimals.

RockmanII73029d ago

you know, I said "not timed exclusive stuff or kinect" but took it out right before I posted it, lol

Sunny_D3029d ago

That's pocket change for me. psshh/

Naughty Dog3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

it makes up for the RROD.

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