G4TV: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

As with so many games that start off with great ideas, Sniper: Ghost Warrior doesn’t live up to its own ambitions. What should’ve been an interesting mix of two solid genres, first-person shooting and stealth action, instead ends up being shallow mish-mash of both thanks to a lack of polish, poor A.I., and other issues that could’ve -- nay, should’ve -- been avoided.

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Rob Hornecker3029d ago

I have this game since release last week and must say that is a very good game. Although it may not be the most inovative shooter out there,its still a good challange. The AI has as good of aim as any game out there and in some cases better. Graphics are good considering how long the Xbox 360 has been around. For the price of under $40.00,I consider it a good buy!

I will give it a 4.4 out of 5.