Interview with Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid)

The brilliant creator of the saga Metal Gear Solid was visiting the 2010 edition of Japan Expo to promote Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The opportunity was therefore too good to talk with this talented artist and multiple projects ...

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VersusEM3029d ago

OMFG, I wish Hideo Kojima would make something NEW. Its like every time I see something with him its either abou Metal Gear or ZOE. I dont mean to complain though, I love Metal Gear Solid & and I also wouldn't mind seeing ZOE 3, but I just wish he make something totally NEW. With his story telling & game director skills, he could make another masterpiece.

Dragun6193029d ago

What are the games you are involved in now?

Hideo Kojima : "We are working on three projects simultaneously: MGS Rising, the port of the MGS franchise on 3DS and then another title that should be quite important and that I want to take care of the implementation and design .Not to mention my work as producer on the next Castlevania and ZOE I'm very busy these days."

He is making something new, His third project that relates to a topic that some may consider taboo. That rumor about a PS3 Exclusive he'll announce at TGS could possibly be this third project.

Batzi3029d ago

what is that so "important" game he is working on?

coolasj3029d ago

I would think it would be hard to make a different series. It took more than a decade to build the Metal Gear universe. I don't know if he could make something as or deeper than that. Well he can. It would just be super tough.