Dragon Age: Origins Leliana’s Song review (

Raymond Herrera of reviews the latest DLC for the Bioware fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

"To give fans of the Dragon Age series a little more backstory Bioware has released a new downloadable side story detailing how everyone’s favorite bard made her way to the Chantry. (Morrigan disapproves -10)

Overall Leliana’s Song is one of the better Dragon Age: Origins downloadable side stories, the others are good but this one did an exceptional job of letting the player learn even more about one of the party members and the story itself was impressive. For $7.00 it is a pretty good deal considering the story and content you get out of it."

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ChronoJoe3027d ago

Looks pretty cool, better than the other DLCs.

Leupac3027d ago

It was better than most of them, the story was really interesting.