The Best Head To Head Racing Experience In A Video Game Ever Was

There are a lot of options here, Midnight Club, any of the Gran Turismo installments, the recent release Modnation Racers and the list goes on. These were all loads of fun to be sure, but none of them sparked the fierce competitiveness and customization war that the game I am thinking about did. That game my friends is Need For Speed: Underground 2.

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Terarmzar3024d ago

Well on the ps2 my favorite was Nfs: most wanted or Test Drive Unlimited
on the ps3 it will most likely be Gran Tursimo 5 and test Drive unlimited 2.

Hanif-8763024d ago

Need For Speed Underground 2 was my favourite arcade street racer. However, when it came down to a more sim like racing Gran Turismo 3 took the cake back in the PS2 days :-)

morkendo3023d ago

my favorite was N4S hotpursuit 2 & underground,GT3

RockmanII73024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Burnout 3 for me

RememberThe3573024d ago

It is so damn fun just beating the mess out of each other with our cars.

ColossiSlayer3023d ago

NFS: Hot Pursuit 1 & 2
GT3 & 4

CountDracula3023d ago

Project Gotham 2 thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.