Top 10 most-downloaded PSN games of June

The top ten most-downloaded Playstation Network games on the Playstation Store for the month of June.

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thehitman3117d ago

Should have a ps2 greatest hits section on the PSN.

SonyNGP3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Get a PS2.

I don't want to sound like a jerk, but that's what everyone has been telling me.

I mean, it's only $99 because everyone on the internet is from the States, right?

nikoado3117d ago

Actually some of the ps2 titles are no being manufactured so they can be fairly hard to track down :(

Releasing some ps2 titles on PSN would be good for everyone involved.

FragGen3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

@nikoado: agree... Plus, who wants yet another box in their entertainment center?

moe843117d ago

As long as PS2 keeps on selling, you will -never- see PS2 games on the network. Which is great. Why lose that extra revenue from making people buy that console?

Or better yet, you should have bought a 60gig when they were on sale. Sony said they were backwards compatible. They also said the 60gig was going bye bye, along with the backwards compatibility.

Genius marketing ploy by Sony imo.

FragGen3116d ago

I thought PS2 was mostly selling in undeveloped areas?

SonyNGP3116d ago

At $1450, only idiots bought the console at launch over here.


The 250GB Slim is $424! (the price of which I got it at)

Bocanegra3117d ago

Quina from FFIX always turned me on.

ChronoJoe3117d ago

lol i hope that's a joke

nikoado3117d ago

I guess if you enjoy being eaten...

Gloomy Sunday3117d ago

maybe Bocanegra likes the cooking? lol

Chewy1023117d ago

I don't think that's what nikoado was talking about.

UP3117d ago

sorry dude/et s/he is already married

facelike3117d ago

Square should be able to see where their true audience is. The FF's are still top downloads for month.

UP3117d ago

yea the should make another final fantasy like IX my favorite Final Fantasy

Chewy1023117d ago

It has stayed in the top 10 since it came out untill 3-4 weeks ago while still going strong in the top 20. FF7 just will not die.

Just what was the reason SE made up for not remaking FF7 again? I can't think of it due to the smell of bullshit.

TheDeadMetalhead3117d ago

Probably because they would have to make towns.

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