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will113030d ago

PSN free updates are starting to lack ever since PSN+ came out...

EDIT: Whats up with all the disagrees?

jashwin3030d ago

No one gave you disagrees except me, and I gave you one AFTER the edit.

I disagree because I don't see the relationship between the quality of content and playstation plus. Updates are usually like this, even before playstation plus. I'm a playstation plus user and I'm quite happy with what sony are offering. I saved $25 dollars in the first month alone! I have the 3 month membership for $17.99

Dnied3030d ago


There hasn't even been 1 update yet lol

well, today..

Chris3993030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Everything except for the games, you get to keep even if you cancel PSN+

Their angle of offering "value" on top of existing PSN content seems to be paying off.

@ will11, we had a massive update this week: some games, lots of DLC (the Dragon Age one I'll probably grab), trailers, Qore (free for me) PERSONA 3 PORATABLE. I'm not really sure where you're coming from to be honest.

Nitrowolf23030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

really its only been 10 days since plus released lol
i love how people are starting to complain

btw does anyone know if Plus gets an update every week or just once a month?

klado3030d ago

Dude, how is that HUGE list lackluster...troll detected.

Silly gameAr3030d ago

How so? Every week PSN get a huge update. Even without + it's a good chunk of content.

morganfell3030d ago

"Everything except for the games, you get to keep even if you cancel PSN+"

Actually it's PS+. And the only games you do not keep are the totally free ones. Discounted titles obtained from PS+ membership you still retain.

drdistracto7073030d ago

is not Plus's fault...

I might pick up the queen track pack though

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Myst3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Heh already got the Mystique outfit and the level kit. Now for the long arduous waiting of LittleBigPlanet updating.

May get the Flower avatar bundle and a mini or something tomorrow.

MetalFreakMike3030d ago

Why are they so slow in bringing out PS1 games to the American store? The Japan PSN has loads of PS1 games to buy and yet we only get a few released over here. There are quite a few games that I would buy if they would focus on bringing them over. I do not feel like paying 60 to 100 dollars for a PS1 game on Amazon or Ebay.

klado3030d ago

I envy psn for having grandia, would kill for it to come to live, but sure, you have to pay live to get games, or do silver users have the chance of buying stuff from live?

Red-Dead-Roar3030d ago

you should have a look at the european stores.....

Snoogins3030d ago

I don't understand why people are disagreeing with you, Mike. Both the EU and US PS Stores get screwed when it comes to receiving PSone titles, while Japan just rolls in quality updates. The PSone era is full of timeless treasures and both EU and US Sony markets should do what it takes to iron out the licensing agreements and bring these games to an obviously hungry market. NFL Blitz, Loaded, Crazy Ivan, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Brave Fencer Musashi, Alundra, Grandia, Lunar, Fear Effect, Clock Tower, Diablo, Colony Wars, Parasite Eve...the list could go on. Yet, each week we either receive nothing or some shitty PSone title that went straight to the bargain bin that hardly anyone wants or remembers.

EinRobot3030d ago

and I really want to be wowed. I am not wowed by this content. I would expect Sony to really try and sell plus in the first few months by releasing something with a little more impact. I`m not giving up or hating, just kinda meh.

Red-Dead-Roar3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

so... you paid less than wipeout hd costs and got a helluva lot more and still complain ? wtf dude!?

EinRobot3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I also became a consumer with the right to an opinion on said product. It was a criticism, not a compliant. I am stating that if Sony wants 50 more dollars of my money a year, they will have work harder than this to earn it.

also I love Sony and hope plus matures and becomes a premium service someday.

ChronoJoe3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Sorry but what did you expect.

Sony needs to make a profit from this.

So you will never get any 'new' content, only content that is no longer selling well on the store. Not that that content doesn't have value anymore though, it's just the people who wanted it - already bought it.

Personally, a lot of the stuff is cool. It's not stuff I really wanted at the price it's originally at, but it's stuff that's fun to play, and definitely worth the subscription.

Wipeout HD is a killer game, I had that already though. Oh, by the way, if you weren't 'wowed' by Wipeout HD, cancel your subscription right now, because I guarantee Wipeout HD is the best you'll see. Next to Burnout Paradise, it's the best piece of content on PSN.

Edit: Disagrees? just to clarify, I LIKE PS+, it's cool. But what some people are expecting from it is unreasonable.

EinRobot3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

What if plus has nothing to do with my enjoyment out of the one piece of content everyone keeps parroting. I am just holding Sony to their words. If you think some discounts, and a tower defense game is premium then I guess it is for you. I expect "plus". Also the thing about Sony needing to make a profit. hahahahahaha, poor Sony, those guys are starving. I should just give them my money for free instead of expecting something for it huh. *cries tearz for Sony and promises to love the King Zuma theme*

oh I almost forgot they gave us that awesome rally game, A game worthy of the 2.6 stars it probably has.

kalel1143030d ago

Lets wait and see what August offers.

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