PlayStation 3 packs a punch for scientists

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley Lab in California praised the processor inside Sony's PlayStation 3 as a lower-cost alternative to Opteron and Itanium chips, while being eight times faster and at least eight times more power-efficient.

The scientists have been evaluating the game console's chip, STI Cell, developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM (the STI in STI Cell) running several scientific-application kernels against other processor architectures.

"Overall results demonstrate the tremendous potential of the Cell architecture for scientific computations in terms of both raw performance and power efficiency," say the LBL scientists who conducted the research. "We also concllude that Cell's heterogeneous multicore implementation is inherently better suited to the [high-performance computing] environment than homogenous commodity multicore processors."

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TheMART5399d ago

"tremendous potential of the Cell architecture for scientific computations in terms of both raw performance and power efficiency"

Exactly. Raw potential. Calculating how far a star is from planet earth. You're paying for something that with gaming you're not using. Isn't it all for the best games and the best output with the right mix of parts? Like GPU? And output of CPU not only 'raw power'?

I would prefer the best games over a great theoretical science computercalculation with no further use any day.

andy capps5399d ago

Should have known that you'd be posting the first negative comment. Yawn.

This news of the Cell being adaptable for the scientific community is nothing new really, at least 1 1/2 years old. This particular article and instance is of course new. If anyone is interested in reading about the cell, this is an oldie but a goodie:

Also, I find it interesting to read the questions that some developers ask the IBM gurus on the IBM boards: After a few minutes of reading all the code, I start to realize that I'm glad I'm not making games or programming code, not my cup of tea. I'll stick with just playing them. :)

Bill Gates5399d ago

"As those machines develop over time, there's a lot of horsepower inside the PS3 that we'll be able to unlock over years two, three, and four that we're very excited about."

Speaking in terms of development progress on PS3 versus Xbox 360, an EA exec added,

"We're slightly ahead of where we were on 360 at this time last year."

Quit your hating and Welcome Chang3. YOU XBOX FANBOY LOSER!!!

4me25399d ago

You mean games are not calculation intensive. Maybe you right. After all they are from some Lawrence Berkeley Lab. What do they know saying
"We also conclude that Cell's heterogeneous multicore implementation is inherently better suited to the [high-performance computing] environment than homogeneous commodity multicore processors."

andy capps5399d ago

To theMART's assertion that the Cell is not for gaming, I ask the below question. Why would Sony and Toshiba ask IBM to build a custom processor for them and spend billions in the process, for something that is not really applicable for gaming? I further ask you to explain the below quote on IBM's main site regarding the Cell processor: "The Cell Architecture grew from a challenge posed by Sony and Toshiba to provide power-efficient and cost-effective high-performance processing for a wide range of applications, including the most demanding consumer appliance: game consoles."

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specialguest5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

the keyword here is potential. as far as gaming goes, i don't think most game developers will fully(or close to fully) utilize the cell chips potential until very later on in the consoles lifespan.

until then, i don't think we'll see any potentially amazing things the cell chip can do. I will agree with TheMart prefering the best games over etc. etc... Then again, the PS3 in my opinion will have some of the best games, along will terrible games too.

DG5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )


But the exclusives will show its strenghts down the road.

Scythesean5399d ago

man if you ask me nither of you are planning on getting a PS3. Sounds like since they said something good you had to knit-pic what they said to make yourselves feel better about buying a 360.

Fact is you have no Idea what your talking about and so your trying to make everyone think you do. You don't know what will be in 2 years so do guess that you think they never will utilize the full power of the cell chip. Unless you have a way to see the future and I'm not refering to your magic 8Ball.

So you 360 fanboys need to sit back and shutup, you talk about ssj, gametime whatever he is but the fact is you guys are just the same. You both try to bash each others system to make yours seem better. If your is so wonderful why are you here when you should be playing it? Why are you on a PS3 section instead of a 360 Section? Why do you care now that you have the console you so badly praise?

Why? Because you aren't happy with your choice and want everyone to join you in suffering by getting a 360, making you feel better about your poor choices.

Whatever your reason is I'm sure it a good one.....yeah right.

specialguest5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

incase you didn't know bub, i've been backing-up/defending the PS3 ever since i joined. ask any 360 fanboys which side they think im on.

don't be offended if i made an honest opinion and prediction. i never said it was absolute gospel truth. i don't even own a 360 because i plan on waiting for either the Wii or PS3.

so now it's wrong to be honest and unbias?

Aramis0015399d ago

I've heard that the first blu-ray player thakes something like 40 seconds to load a disk. Is this true? If so, how will this effect ps3 games in terms of loading times?

andy capps5399d ago

I believe you're referring to the problems with the Samsung Blu-Ray player having a softer image than it's HD-DVD counterparts. That is caused by the default settings having noise reduction on. This is something that Samsung is correcting in future chipsets, but is hoping to release a firmware update to correct this automatically, or you can just go in and change the default settings to off and it should fix it.

If this isn't what you're talking about, then I'm not sure what you're referring to. I highly doubt that Sony or any other gaming manufacturer would release a system that you have to wait 40 seconds to load the disc menu.

Aramis0015399d ago

"Starting from power off, without a disc in the drive, the Samsung player takes 25 seconds to boot up and open the drawer."

"Once you drop a disc into the tray and press the close button, the Samsung player take 32 seconds to recognize the disc and commence delivery of the image to the screen"

Here's a link ay_2.htm

Will it take the ps3 that long to load up a disk, since all ps3 games are on blu-ray disks? Or is this just a charicteristic of the Samsung player?

andy capps5399d ago

Don't know why the Samsung player takes so long to load. I'm not sure if the PS3 will be that long, that's probably more of a question for a PS3 developer or Sony themselves, but fat chance that you'd get an answer at this point because of Sony's strict NDA's. I doubt it's a question anyone on here could answer either. But I'll say again that I doubt that any company would put out a gaming console that takes 40 seconds to boot up. At the least, The PS3 could/may do what the 360 does and take around 8 seconds, I believe, to boot to the "Blade" screen or whatever the PS3's menu will be called.

wakkiwakko5399d ago

Full power of the PS3 system won't be implemented for about 2-3 years. And the titles that do it will be very rare! It has happened with the xbox. It has happened with the playstation 2. It has happened wit the GCN.

Reason why they take so long is because of the power consumption. If EVERY single game used true power of the Next Gen console, the console itself would rapidly heat up and start dying on you.

Years down the road, once the technology is there (yes) and consoles are cheaper to develop for, you'll see what both x360 and PS3 can provide. Not now. Not on PS3s lunch. (maybe for x360 [as it's first priority to most devs]) Certainly not next years Christmas. Maybe for x360, but no PS3.

Truth be told, the technology isn’t there to implement it. Or time. There isn’t time. Either way if you want frame lag and jerky motion video go ahead and pray to your god that full power of the PS3 will be implemented with each and every title that you buy. Except for EA and other mass devs because as EA executive has said, “As those machines develop over time [...] there's a lot of horsepower inside the PS3 that we'll be able to unlock over years two, three, and four that we're very excited about."

=) First priority – Next Gen console that is out. (x360 is getting special treatment because it’s out there and people have it)
=) Second priority – Next Gen console that will be out (Devs are taking a risk on this one. Unable to foresee the future of Bluray causes uncertainty in the minds of Devs. Takes money to develop. If Medium fails, money’s wasted)
=) Third Priority – Wii (Nothing to say that hasn’t been said already. :D)

Watapata5399d ago

The reason a console's full potential is NEVER used, and I repeat NEVER as neither the Xbox, PS2 Nor Gamecube ever used their full potential, has nothing to do with power consumption. It is simply a matter of never being able to fully optimize code for any architecture

wakkiwakko5399d ago

I thought it was used on PS2 on several games. Shadow of the Colossus being one? Well I dunno. I guess you’re right. "Never being able to fully optimize code for any architecture" could be a major factor as to why full potential isn’t ever achieved.

LiquifiedArt5399d ago (Edited 5399d ago )

Just a question.. You talk like you know about Software Architecture, and programming in general. But your statements subtract from that.

DO you know anything? or are u just a programmer wannabe?

if you are the latter, please dont talk about optimization, as you would know nothing about.

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