Capcom Releases a New Monster Hunter Tri Weapon

Nintendo Okie shares details on what is required to obtain the new Monster Hunter Tri weapon, the Rising Soul Long Sword.

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CoffeewithChess3051d ago

am I only HR13!!!!

This game seems like it is trying to reward players that have invested a lot of time into it.

Myst3051d ago

HR 68 and still going over here :D

Myst3051d ago

Two Lagiacrus? That's it..? My friends and I could probably take one of the Lagia's down in about 10 minutes since we took DevilJho down in 13 once. Depending on what weapons we choose. Either way, saw a couple of people running around with that sword kind of wondering if I want to go for it or continue farming Deviljho and grinding HR.

3051d ago
ebgeer3050d ago

Saw that last night, but couldnt figure out where you get it. This will be on tonights menu of things to do.