Demon’s Souls – Starter Character Build

ZOMG how writes a brilliant guide on how best to build your character, and get him / her best prepared for the though road a head. A must for anyone starting off in this adventure of a game!

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Hellsvacancy3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Imo im doin really well so far and im honestly NOT that much of a RPG player, other than FF8/X and Fallout 3 i havnt liked any other games in the genre :-(

I took the advice of sum mofos from N4G and my friends list(thank u) and went with the Royal (female named after my daughter)

Im 17 hours in, level 44, beat the Phalax, Tower Knight, Adjudicator, Armor Spider (im pretty sure i did) Flame Lurker and the Dragon God (he was EASY)

How do u get those dragons to bugger-off off that cliff in the 1st world? i just wanna go up there and c whats up there

JoySticksFTW3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

You can kill them both

Red Dragon in 1-2, I believe.

Run past him on the bridge, until you reach the tower in the middle of the bridge. Run outside of the bridge and climb the stairs to the top of the tower. You'll know you're in the right place when a guy with an axe tries to chop you down on the stairs and they'll be two soldiers on top of the tower you can kill. You notice a couple of barricades facing towards the beginning of the bridge where you came. That's a hint.

Since you're a royal with a magic regenerating ring, you can actually snipe the Red Dragon as he does his bombing runs. I went and got the bow from 4-1, upgraded it a bit and brought a TON of arrows (200 -300 to be safe and depending on your stats / bow strength). It may take as long as twenty minutes, but you can whittle his health down till you kill him.

After you kill him, you can go to the hill and collect all but one item that is right under the Blue Dragon's tail. You will die if you try to grab this.

The Blue Dragon dies in 1-4 I think. You'll face him as part of the story and the fight sucks. Make sure you free Biorr and bring him along to help fight the dragon, or atleast distract him. After, you kill the Blue Dragon you can go to the hill without worry.

Good Luck!


You can actually grab everything before killing both dragons if you do suicide runs on the hill. Just run up and grab items, knowing that you're going to die. You may lose souls, but you get to keep all items

Bloodraid3026d ago

Pure white world tendency will make both dragons disappear.

Killing certain dragons throughout the world will also get rid of them.

You can also go just past their nest to the bridge and wait for the red one to come after you. Then run back to the nest and grab the loot quickly before it returns.

Bloodraid3026d ago

Also, you should probably check out


It's pretty much got everything you need or want to know about Demon's Sous.

fianno3026d ago

I got a lend of it from a friend when he improved it. though now its available just done the road Im saving up to buy it.

I love the way this guide helps out, but not too much that I feel like I'm not deciding what to do myself.

A LIVING LEGEND3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Those dragons: With white world tendency I think they fly off(it's been awhile lol
You can also kill the one that swoops above the bridges by sniping him from the towers(takes awhile but it works,probably 150 arrows or so.
You can also dash and grab the gear,die repeat but it's annoying because you only have time for one grab before you get toasted.If you stick to the lower far left you can avoid the fire and follow the cliff around to some hidden gear tho :)

fianno3026d ago

Always wondered how to get rid of those. As much as I want to know whats there. Im viewing it as a small surprise!

SmilerAl3026d ago

Thanks for the comments so far, I appreciate feedback.

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