Kinect and Move Motion Gaming Addons Better for Gamers Than They Think

Das Reviews says "People are worried that they’ll be forced to pony up some dollars for new peripherals to play games that probably would have been just fine without them. While we’ve been told numerous times that we’ll still be able to play our games with the archaic two handed controller, the trend is definitely going toward the motion gaming. However, this isn't the problem that the doomsayers are making it out to be."

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tunaks13030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

because playing games with no controllers is always a plus!
And don't forget having to pay for the new addons, gamers always love that!

deadreckoning6663030d ago

Unfortunately..many people here won't be able to detect your sarcasm.

DARKrage343030d ago

...kingdom hearts avatar and your sarcasm is killing me. :D

003030d ago

because someday I'll be able to play games with my mind.

3030d ago