Metal Gear Solid Rising to Require No Previous Metal Gear Knowledge

The confusing and convoluted franchise history won't be a factor in the latest in Hideo Kojima's celebrated franchise.

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blizzard_cool3123d ago

Wait what but... I just... I'm confused... So they cut out the good story?

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MariaHelFutura3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Everything I hear about this game I ask my self, is this a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless I`ll play it, but I`m curious to see exactly what the finished product is gonna be like and what Hideo will say about it post-release.

Also, Raiden is part of my left eye closed crew.

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Megaton3123d ago

Wasn't this supposed to explain what happened to Raiden between 2 and 4?

Nitrowolf23123d ago

Thats what i thought, well the timeframe this game takes place is between those.

BattleAxe3123d ago

The more I hear about this game, the more I'm becomming less interested.

mastiffchild3122d ago

Ok everyone arhgue about the stuff that doesn't matter if you want. Hideo may well be stepping up involvement in Rising but by this stage he cannot POSSIBLY ever get as into it as he was with his last magnum opus in MGS4. Does that mean Rising will be crap? No. There's NO reason Rising can't be a great game(though, personally, the gameplay I've seen is less than fabulous so far)and it doesn't really matter who makes it in that respect as we'll al accept that it isn't JUST Koj who can make good games.

However, here's my real issue with regard to this articles point. No need to know anything about the series? When the whole beauty of said series is the genius way the story is weaved through the various games? When a lot of the stuff will need explaining to all but those content with action and zero story to give it resonance? WTF? Are they TRYING to make it less appealing to the people who've supported the franchise all these excellent years of gaming? OR does hideo not trust anyone else to mess around with his story that much and shouls that make us worry about the "younf bloods" making Rising a little more than we might have?

See, to me it's all questions and an unimpressive E3 showing and when the last game was easily the best this generation( as a game and an experience I've not played ANYTHING even approaching the sheer, breathtaking genius of Guns..)where on earth is the wisdom in moving so far away from it?

Also, people act like they think MGS gfans WANT Rising to be sh1t! Why? Nobod wants that. NOBODY. Sadly, there are worrying signs there that put up red flags to long time MGS heads like myself and the way Koj has been moaning about resources and such makes me wonder even more-I'm just concerned(and it started with the E32010 footage) that Rising is going to be a bit fur coat and no knickers, all fluff and less substance than we're used to and way less than we, as fans, demand. It may still be a great H/S game but the chances of it being a great MGS sadly dcrease with every report. Also, ths year has seen some AMAZINGLY good H/S games so even there it's got severe problems if it wishes to stand out.

I still hope for greatness but this latest revelation is the one which concerns me most of all as the story and lore of the series is, to me and many others, virtually inseparable from the gameplay and will leave a vast hole that this young team(as those leading the project) might find a bit hard to fill. I don't really care too much whether we're experts at reading the nuances of Japanese culture myself(though the points were interesting)as I'm plenty worried about this game without even looking into that stuff! Feels less like MGS every time it gets mentioned and if so it's got to beat out Bayonetta and GOW3 and without the story(one of the series strongest suits) that's a VERY tough ask in my book.

MGS is a series of high excellence, just about unequalled for a lot of us, so every little chink of weakness is felt double because we WANT more of the good stuff so badly and it seems like we're just being moved away from nearly everything that makes MGS great. Again, I say there's no reason why it shouldn't be great but it just doesn't seem to be heading that way right now irrespective of who does what with it. Whatever, we all know the talent they really have there at KP so never say never on this one but I still doubt very much it will feel much like a true MGS by the time it releases-I can only pray my fears are not warranted.

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GeneralCole3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

So the game is going to be s hack 'n slash with no story? I cant play a MGS game without the MGS story, wtf Kojima?

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Darkfocus3123d ago

it could still have a story it just won't be canon

swiftshot933123d ago

how is that even possible? Regardless, this game looks amazing and the gameplay looks unique and innovative. Its still a day 1.

redDevil873123d ago

What the hell, i thought this game was going to go in depth about raiden and his change.

Its gonna be weird if it just shows him changing with nothing about the events mentioned in MGS2 or his links with Campbell and the VR missions.

sandip7873123d ago

metal gear solid without story is like gabe newell without cake...

Crusade3122d ago

The cake is for science.

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