Top Selling Adults-Only Title Coming to PS3

Andriasang: Fortune Arteial is a top selling 18-and-up Windows visual novel. If you heard that a console version was on the way, you'd probably expect it to be for Xbox 360. But surprisingly, PS3 is the target platform for the home version.

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MetalFreakMike3025d ago

Wow! A 18+ game on the PS3? Never saw that coming. The pervs are going to go nuts for this news.

Brewski0073025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Haha watch the sales spike from mature audiences in the coming months :P

Ps: We all know this is going to be a "Hot" topic in a few hours with the clicks it'll get :P haha.

Kevin ButIer3025d ago

It only does 18+ entertainment...

Blaze9293025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"Sony and Nintendo will not allow any AO rated game to be published for its consoles. -2007" what happened?

sikbeta3025d ago

Hell Yeah, Some Hentai Games XD

nickjkl3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


2010 happened

the way these companies are acting lately its like they all want money to buy tickets for the 2012 arc

El_Colombiano3024d ago

Read you guys, it is going to be watered down.

FishCake9T43024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Agreed , but i think Hentai is f**king disgusting. Pervs can play this game if they want, ill stick to GT5.

Raz3024d ago

How much you wanna bet that there will be NO adult situations or depictions in this "adult" game? Not so much as a little hentai side-boob!

It'll be watered, censored, and cut to the point where it's just another sickeningly cutesy anime that no one except an otaku would watch.

I don't really care, because I can get plenty of free hentai online - but it sort of defeats the whole purpose of bringing an 'adult' title to a console in the first place.

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TheDeadMetalhead3025d ago

950° and 23 comments incoming...

Theonik3025d ago

You just got proven wrong!

Christopher3025d ago

Don't find it surprising that a Japanese game will be going exclusive to the PS3... Kind of hitting their market, aren't they?

As far as the 'game'... very hard to classify this as a game. Also, don't see why it would need to be toned down for the consoles, but that's censorship for ya.

NeoBasch3025d ago

This can only be seen as good news. I would hate for developers to feel restricted. Scenes involving sex or excessive nudity can be done tastefully as many TV shows have shown. For example, one of my favorite scenes of all time comes from Spartacus: Blood and Sand's episode Whore. The sex scene was beautifully captured. The cinematography unparalleled. I was so amazed. I had almost completely forgot the scene was full of dick and V. Art like this cannot be banned. It's simply a must see. Hopefully, this game can lead the way.

DFresh3025d ago

Reply: BaschPS3

I totally agree with you about that Spartacus: Blood & Sand episode Whore that was a very well done sex scene.


menoyou3025d ago

more like the liberal soccer moms will go nuts

spectyre3025d ago

I'm going nuts for this news.

Theonik3025d ago

Gonna have to download the PC version now ;)

synce3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Firstly, this game is very softcore. Secondly, they're going to remove all nudity/sex for the PS3 version. And thirdly, there are several, graphic novels, like this already ported to the 360. There's no reason to buy any of them because the superior PC versions are free.

Redempteur3025d ago

unless you want trophies THAT IS ...

AAACE53025d ago

This must be outside of the U.S., because M rated games are for 17 years and up. 18 and up games would fall into the Adults Only catagory if i'm correct. Meaning they would have to find a way to sell it, because no store in America will sell an AO game!

Volomon3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

The reason they sell these in Japan is because there is a market for it with niche stores, like porn shops. More importantly it doesn't take but a hand full of people to make one of these games so their cheap. There would be no actual interest in these kinds of games in America which is why it wouldn't happen here. A comic book on a Bluray just doesn't sound appealing. I've check these things out, out of curiosity and it can take up to an hour before you even see a nipple. Oddly enough the only reason people get these kinds of games is to see nudity/sex and most of the disc is just stories of people standing around conversing about their backpack or homework.

I would describe it as a woman's soap opera, combined with a child's curiosity (dumb ignorance), and playboy magazine (aka not hustler).

Raz3024d ago

What's the point of having an AO rating if that means no one will sell it? Why not just flunk it and say "no, you can't publish this"?

I'll tell you why: because that would probably run afoul of free speech laws. So we have this stupid system that says, "yes, you can make your adult game, you can even publish it - but we'll give it a special rating that ensures you can never sell a single copy".

Amazing how economics can be used to curtail civic liberties.

Volomon3025d ago

I'm sorry but "novel" games, are anything but adult, more like Childish. There more action in Heavy Rain than a Japanese Adult Video Game. It's just a series of pictures and if you want pictures try the internet.

1Victor3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Not really they might pick it up to LOL at the cuts they'll do to the game,also in the unlikely event that they don't cut the best parts there's no way it would come out of Japan.oh BTW if you want the real uncut game this perv can tell you were to get it and all you need to run it,just PM me.

Warning: Rant ahead
@FishCake9T4 did you know that most of the characters in video games coming out from Japan contain HENTAI for those fans in one way or another for example most of them are lolicon remember that character you love so much that made you cry when she died FFVII she's a loli, darkstalkers I forgot his name but he's followed by a little girl loli,street fighter sakura loli,resident evil cheril loli.Most anime have as well if you know what to look for.BTW alien love is henati as well Mass Effect hybrids are hentai back ground as well tv programing is full of hentai as well as most music. So stop been a white hole OSHIRI or move into a dark cave with the bats OH wait they also make sex so the only answer is JUMP INTO A ACTIVE VOLCANO

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nikkisixx23025d ago

I thought Sony said they were never gonna have an Adult game on the PS3. Either way, it's good to reach out to all audiences, even the 40-year-olds in basements. :P

DFresh3025d ago

You never know if it sales well in those nations it could end up in other nations as well.
Those types of titles would be more underground but it's possible for those types of games to come to the rest of the world.

Optical_Matrix3025d ago

I guess Japanese devs have realized porting ero games to 360 in Japan is a wasted business venture. This is good news. Can't wait to play this. I don't care if it's toned down. Story and Characters look good to me :]

Spenok3025d ago

Well luckily this wont come out in America...this looks sad. Those characters look like there 12.......

DFresh3025d ago

You can still import those types of games all PS3 consoles are region free.
Though let's hope you understand Japanese.

skip2mylou3025d ago

dude its a visual novel its basically a book..... dont be getting all offended

MpV353024d ago

That so many Japanese anime characters look white? Like seriously. Huge eyeballs, very pale skin.... Am I on to something here?

Newtype3025d ago

Well, thanks for the PS3 being the only all region console out there.

dkgshiz3025d ago

This can just stay from where it came.

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