IGN: The Case for More Violent Games

Consider games like GTA IV, Uncharted 2, BioShock, Red Dead Redemption, and Fallout 3. To appreciate the characters and stories in these games you've got to look through a thicket of violence, which often chokes the believability from the polygonal dramas waiting to play out on the other side.

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Blaze9293053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I wish people would stop whining over a game with an AO rating so we could see more of it. What's the point in having such a rating if people will be so quick to yell "BAN!" when a game gets it?

The AO rating for games is no different than the NC 17 rating movie rating by the MPAA. Few NC 17 movies are actually mature....not just obligatory sex.

STK0263053d ago

I believe the major problem with an AO rated game is that some retailers, like Wal-Mart I think, will not carry the product. It might be fine for many gamers, who already know that places like Wal-Mart usually don't carry several games (think most Atlus or NIS titles for example), but they are still a huge part of the market.

It's somewhat hard to make a mainstream franchise when your game is only sold at some select places.

Cajun Chicken3053d ago

This is an alarming article. I'm split on violence in videogames, once it stops being 'hollywood like' and tongue in cheek and more like Saw and as the graphics and animation gradually become more realistic and detailed. I honestly think a CERTAIN LEVEL of violence on games is a bad thing, games should be entertaining, not disturbing.

And this is a guy that loves GTA, Postal 2, Mortal Kombat, Saints Row, Condemned series and generally being sadistic in videogames and bashing polygonal skulls in. But there's a level where it should stop, I cannot currently determine that level, but if in the future playing a game makes you puke, that's where it should stop. In fact, I must say, a particular scene in Heavy Rain was actually quite near to that point of disturbance, maybe that barrier shouldn't be crossed.

yoshiroaka3053d ago

I agree. I love violence in videogames. I love shooting somebody in the head in red dead redemption and screaming 'where's your face now punk!' and god of war was just....ahhhh. But there is definitely a line somewhere out there. I dont think we have crossed it yet but there is one. I could see a point where i would want to stop.

The problem is everybody has a different position on what is too far and too much. Who is one group of people to say whats right.

ico923053d ago

I think ign are seriously overthinking violence in gaming

jeeves863053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

When I play games I don't want to think of the real-life consequences of my actions in a game. The reason Mature games are FUN is because you don't have to think or suffer the consequences. Anyone who would want to play a game where the game 'forced' you to think about the real life consequences of what you were doing is just...stupid or masochistic. Games that instruct you to kill your foes while preaching at you that it's wrong can sit safely atop their soap box where no one will buy them.

That being said, there are games that push the boundaries, games that make you care of the characters because they're more than just polygons on the screen. You learn more about them, get deeper into their world. When they die, it's not just the screen fading, it's not just sound fucking up, it's an emotional experience. Simply infiltrating a lab and finding papers that your best friend and boss want to kill you and forcing you, the player, to kill you friend, means diddly if your friend is a shallow hole of a character, if you don't really know anything about them. That's a boring, cheap game-writing mechanic, too.

The writer then goes on to be preachy about killing chickens, claiming that one should require the same emotional output as it would killing a cuckoo in a Zelda game. We accept violence in video games because we know it's not real. Most gamers that you will find are not violent people--it's all pretend, and that's how they want it to be, that's how they want it to stay. If you feel it is, or 'should have' anything to do with real life other than how it might look or sound, get your fucking head checked, and stop writing preachy goddamned articles.

3053d ago
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