Top 10 flops this generation

While not all the games on the list are bad, none of them sold well. Combine that with the amount of hype each game had before their respective release's, and you have the ten biggest flopsof this generation.

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TheWarmth3119d ago

Star Ocean was awesome!!! Blasphemy I SAY!!!!

The_Zeitgeist3119d ago

Star Ocean: The Last Hope was pure garbage.

klado3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Desagree, sry but it was one of the game that made me go with my xbox, and I liked it, fck that site.

This is the list...

10. The Darkness (PS3, 360) 2K
9. Infinite Undiscovery (360) Square Enix
8. The Conduit (Wii) Nintendo
7. Mad World (Wii) Sega
6. Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3,360) Konami
5. The Last Remnant (360, pc)
4. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (X360) Square Enix
3. Lair (PS3) Sony Computer Entertainmet
1. Too Human (360) Microsoft

All the these games flopped but the RPG, loved infinite undiscovery and so the Last remnant.

Rhythmattic3119d ago


So we agree to disagree.

FanboyPunisher3119d ago

You agree if you agree, disagree if you agree even more

Danja3119d ago

how has the PS3 failed this gen ? cuz it stumbled out the blocks and had a slow start ?

it has the best game library this gen
best hardware
has great 3rd party support

3rd fastest selling console in history...

yup such a failure

Spenok3119d ago

Fanboypunisher.... how exactly is the PS3 a fail this gen when there is only 1 PS3 exclusive game on that list, and 3 on 360 (four if you could The last Remnant)?

baodeus3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

exactly, i would actually put SO at the number 1 spot for the worst game of all time, it is just so annoying. I actually like infinite undiscovery: the story aren't too bad, there are some interesting characters like the samurai guy or the so call "Twin Brother", and a single game play that felt more like muli-player which is also interesting. SO has better combat system, but that where its ends. But overall, i kinda agree with the article.

AW is actually a really good game (i wish the DLC explain the ending a little bit more because it is quite confusing) despite poor sale.

If x360 only buy FPS, then how do you explain Fable, ME, Fall Out, and other non FPS games that sold quite well on x360?

If people really buy PS3 because of EXCLUSIVE and VARIETY, then why there are so much FPS games (KZ2, MAG, Socom, Haze, Resistant) on it compare to x360 (halo3)

Why the highest sold game on PS3 to date is a multi-platform FPS game(MW2)? Sometime, you really need consider both sides before making a statement.

i don't know, maybe because FF13 is actually a good game but the the fanboy just really hate it because it went multi-platform. Seriously, how can you guys like FF10, but not FF13 (they are practically the same game with different story and setting).

FanboyPunisher3119d ago

Also since the ps3 is on a huge decline I'm not shocked to see only 1. Exclusive on the list since we know the ps3 has a tiny collection compared to xbox.

Hopefull the ps3 mods don't delete a post that's my opinion, this isn't Nazi Germany.

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MariaHelFutura3119d ago

Alan Wake had to be disappointing for MS, even though it`s a great game.

SOAD3119d ago

It's Microsoft's fault that it sold purely. They didn't advertise it very much and they released it around the same time as Red Dead Redemption. In contrast, Sony made sure to release Heavy Rain during a relatively quiet time, and they advertised well and publicized it with review sites.

My theory is that Remedy wants to make Alan Wake 2 multiplatform or wants to release the PC version of the game, and MS is spiting them.

Imperator3119d ago

Hopefully Remedy will port Alan Wake to PC where it belongs. I still remember that PC tech demo. Miles ahead of anything the 360 could ever do. But I doubt it. Maybe Alan wake 2.

ATi_Elite3119d ago

Alan Wake was a failure because...

1. Microsoft made them kill the open world PC version for a linear Xbox 360 version.


2. It got released on a console that is only good for FPS specifically HALO or Call Of Duty.

sak5003119d ago

haze, halo odst, heavnly sword, lair, too human.

MariaHelFutura3119d ago

Heavenly Sword is a great game.

ExplosionSauce3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

It depends on how you define "flop".
Are we talking about sales, quality or both?

Some games are really great, yet considered "flops" due to the low amount of sales.
While there are some games out there that undeservingly have lots of sales, but aren't really the best out there. These may also be considred flops, though this case is more uncommon.
Then there's the ultimate flops. Bad games with low sales.

In the end, it all comes to preference and personal opinion.

darthv723119d ago

odst and lair. Shame they got marred for issues that could have been easily fixed before release.

On topic...i would classify a flop as being something that did not exceed the development cost via sales figures.

It is funny how there are many games that are flops and yet extremely fun to play. Just as there are many considered hits and yet may not be as entertaining.

Kind of like a bad movie. It may be bad and you know it but it can drum up some type of cult following.

360Defender3119d ago

Yeah that was a huge flop. It only sold 5.3 million copies so far. How terrible, especially for what PS3 fanboys were calling a glorified add-on. Sony wishes they had more flops like MS and ODST.

360Defender3119d ago

It only sold more than 5.3 million copies. Sony wishes they had flops like ODST.

Imperator3119d ago

Yep, All Lair needed was the addition of analog control on launch and all ODST needed was to be priced as originally planned, $40.

klado3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

So what xboxdefender?, sales doesn't make the quality of a game, do you know why dragon ball is so famous, so death note in the anime world? cus of its fans, they would buy the stuff they like and can the same be said for halo, now, let me tell you this, I may be a xbox user only but don't tend to troll crap on others like you ignorant kind tend to.

I prefer alan wake over halo 3 so odst, and it didn't sell that much but still is one of the best horror games around, hate shooters, so no need to state, cus sale will never be meaning of quality.

Milkjdo, it is the list from the you even know how to read?

nunley333119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I thought silent hill and mad world were good games and the article said Haze was 1st party when it wasn't,it was developed by free radical who went out of business because of the poor reception it got. And TRI-ACE developed Infinite Undiscovery with square-enix as publisher.

Shuklar3119d ago

lair has a free download for zero six-axis (analog) controls now. Not that it matters.

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ico923119d ago

How is FF13 not on the list

InfamousHero3119d ago

Contrary to many posters on video game blogs. FFXIII was amazing to some (Me being one of them). Especially people who were NOT fond of Final Fantasy XII and wanted the Final Fantasy X feeling back.

Spenok3119d ago

I have to say i agree with InfamousHero on this one. The game sold well over 5 million copies. No matter how much you may have disliked it, it most certainly wasnt a flop.

Paradicia3119d ago

The Darkness was NOT a flop, in fact it has to be one of the most underrated games this generation.

Anon19743119d ago

I love this game to death. It cracked 80 on metacritic. It almost broke the one million mark, something 80% of games never accomplish.

And Haze. Haze's biggest fault was that it was average yet still almost broke the one million mark.

Man, someone really needs to do a list of actual flops sometime - and not trot out the same tired crap every single time. Or better yet, they should actually play the games they claim are terrible rather then parroting what some other website claimed.

Spydr073119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Pfft, Haze's biggest flaw was that the control was mediocre and the dialogue is among some of the worst ever. Cheeeeeeeezzzzzzyyyyyyy. The dialogue killed the game in the first 15 minutes.

Haze was just awful. There's no way to get around it.

8thnightvolley3119d ago

cant lie too human was really over hype thou i cant lie i did play the heck out of it.. trying to get all the sets of armours and doing runs with friends.. and somewhat addictive due to the rpg elements.. in some twisted way i want to see the second too human and i am hoping MS gets that studio to do it right.. coz the title could be a good iP if handled well.

Danja3119d ago

Haze was a pretty decent game , its not as bad as they say.

Lair I actually like and with the Control Patch its worth a rental and or a buy if you can find it..

MadWorld is one of my Fave Wii games

The Darkness is a GREAT GAME...

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kissmeimgreek3119d ago

Too human has been hyped since it was announced for the PS1 by Silicon Knights. You cant just blame Ms for all that hype.

BTW I thought the darkness was an awesome game. Was it really a flop cuz i thought they were coming out with a sequel?

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The_Zeitgeist3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

It only sold 700k combined between 360 and PS3. I love The Darkness. Next to Bioshock and Uncharted 2 I'd say its my favorite game this gen. I hope they release a sequel for. It's been like two years since they announced it and no word since then.

The_Zeitgeist3119d ago

Haze wasn't planned as a trilogy. Microsoft had HUGE ambitions for Too Human.

Elven63119d ago

Microsoft didn't have any ambition for a trilogy, the hype was mostly if not all Silicon Knights and Dyack.

Poor research on the part of the author,

ukilnme3119d ago

Even when it's not on them, it's always easier to blame MS.

spooky2053119d ago

lair and too human should battle it our for first. While both games had some good elements the most important thing in a video games is good controls. If the game is unplayable or just not fun due to controls then to me its a instant flop. I still to this day dont understand why silicon knights bothered rushing out too human when they could have put it on hold to further polish the game. Same with Lair. They could have been so much better.

LeonSKennedy4Life3119d ago

The Darkness was and still is an amazing game!

Please go buy it!!!

Paradicia3119d ago

It was one of the best games I played this generation. So original in many ways. I wish I kept it but I traded it in some time ago after 100% everything. Such a memorable experience now that I look back at it.