Resident Evil Supports PS Move, But Not For You

Jon Ireson, Contributing Editor of DualShockers writes, "With PlayStation Move on the horizon, gamers everywhere have been hearing Sony proclaim from the mountain tops how they have so much support for the motion-sensing peripheral said to be “a new platform” by the gaming giant. I got to play on the PS Move at E3 2010 and, though I did enjoy myself and believe the controller to be a truly great idea, I did have some issues with one of the announcements made during the Sony Press Conference. The way it went down left a sour taste in my mouth, and I feel like I need to speak up about this. If you are a Capcom “fan-boy” I advise you do not continue past this point without covering your eyes..."

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Ninferno3027d ago

very true. if capcom forgets those who picked up the original RE5, then that would be really really low of capcom to do.

Donny3027d ago

any dates for sorcery?

Cerberus21253027d ago

Sony said that Sorcery comes out in April,I just don't remember what day in April.

Christopher3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

1. Completely agree with them about them making you pay to play it with Move controllers. They really should have just made it an optional DLC with funding from Sony since it promotes their Move controller.

2. You don't need the subcontroller to play it, which is what the article states. You only need the Move Wand and a regular controller for movement. Subcontroller is likely much easier to manage, but not necessary since the primary gain with the Wand is aiming.

@Hitman0769: There's a specific control setting that makes it so you only need to use one of the analog sticks and the d-pad with the Wand. In fact, they've demoed the gameplay so far with a person using the Wand and a Dualshock at the same time without any issues. That includes using items, moving, firing, and performing other in-game actions.

Hitman07693027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I hope you have three hands or love being totally inconvenienced if you are planning to use the MOVE in one hand and the DS3 in the other....

Otherwise yes you need the NAV for this particular title.


I'm not adapting myself to walk sideways through my game man. How about something that actually makes sense instead.

Theonik3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Just hold the Ps3 controller sideways. you aren't meant to hold it normally it's very comfortable. No need to buy a sub.

rdgneoz33027d ago

Either use a DS3 or buy a NAV/nunchuck/sub controller. Either works and you're not forced to buy a sub controller, though the sub controller might be a bit easier to manage as cgoodno mentioned. If you're not poor / buying PS3 games/accessories with money from your mother, then its all about which you prefer. I'll be getting two wands and just use a DS3 for the movement.

Hitman07693027d ago

Completely and utterly absurd way to get more sales for your "Gold" edition.

Games4M - Rob3027d ago

I think you have interpreted this wrong.

Capcom say that the Gold edition will support Move but that dosnt mean that they won't release a paid for DLC patch to add Move support to teh standard version. Not to do so would be lunacy as Capcom would likely make far more from stand alone DLC patches than they would from the number of users who would buy RE5 Gold after already owning the standard version.

animboo3027d ago

that move is not possible on the old RE5 as the new version was built from the ground up for the move controller specifically.
And they wont be adding any dlc to support move for the original re5

Red-Dead-Roar3027d ago

i'd rather get dead space 2 with a FREE move game on the same disc....

JoelT3027d ago

i'll stick to Sorcery and Socom 4. Capcom wont get another dollar from me.... Until Marvel Vs Capcom that is.

Raoh3027d ago

capcom, not surprised and neither should you

Bobbykotickrulesz3027d ago

neither should I not surprised?

just what is going on here...

Hitman07693027d ago

Lol, accepting mediocrity and being ripped off. That's what's going on I think.

You want to play rough Capcom? How about I just don't buy your Resident Evil for PS Move at all then. How do you like them apples...

hanzthebox3027d ago

I have the special edition... I will not spend money on the gold version....

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