Video Game Violence: Are Gamers Sadistic People? (Contains violent images)

Are gamers sadistic, violent loving psychos? Or are gamers simply victims of the industry that feeds them?

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wecouldlive3119d ago

Games like GOW are crazy violent. But that doesn't mean that they aren't fun. As far I am concerned a game isn't fun without LOTS of gore!

-Alpha3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I hope you don't mean that.

Army_of_Darkness3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I tried to perform a Head popping Fatality on my cousin before! lol! But I used a round pillow to replace his head when it was time to finsh him!! so he would have to tuck his head in his shirt! hahha! fun times!

@Alpha!! you got to many bubbles man! share the wealth bro! mine got popped like a pimple!

seinfan3119d ago

Do you have sock accounts to bubble you up? Seriously, I think you're the only person with that many. And, yes, I am jealous because I don't get to comment as much.

masterofpwnage3119d ago

one of my favorite game is harvest moon.
violence is ko, but i dont need it

Cevapi883119d ago

if gamers were sadistic people...there would be no gang bangin' but more of videogame bangin'....

(and NO dont take that the wrong way)

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nikkisixx23119d ago

Does that mean LBP isn't fun?

PoSTedUP3119d ago

it's only fun because you can smack the crap out of eachother, thats some violence so...

jk, hehe.

karl3119d ago

there is choreography to this type of violent acts .. like ripping someones head off..

violence on its owns its just sick...

Donny3119d ago

no no no no no, people who do evil stuff in REAL LIFE ARE SADISTIC. gamers can kill 1000 people in gta and not feel a thing, but when there parrot dies, they cry all week.(nothing wrong with that btw)

peowpeow3119d ago

No we are not sadistic. I can play any gory game no worries, guts on the screen..eyeballs rolling around 'meh'. But I CANNOT watch 2 seconds of a real decapitation or even listen to the sound for 2 seconds, it's f***ing sick and utterly disturbing

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AA73119d ago

Are you insane? You are exactly the person that this article is talking about aren't you?!

majuga3119d ago

Games DO NOT need violence like this in them to make them good. Mario Galaxy 2 anyone?

rdgneoz33119d ago

Games do not need violence to make them good. However, there is another side to that. Some people like a mature game that has violence in it. Some people like mature themes in their games instead of flying around on a to other worlds and bouncing on top of bad guys heads to defeat them. Would anyone have enjoyed the Hermes fight in GoW III if you just punch him a few times and then stole his shoes? Most of the gods in the game deserve what they got. If people don't enjoy certain themes in games, then don't play them or complain about them to feel all high and mighty. In other terms, think tweens liking Beber or Twilight. I think both are crap and wouldn't waste 1 second of my time watching or listening to either. But i respect their decisions to enjoy that stuff. To each their own.

-Alpha3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Games use blood and gore to portray art, style, etc. usually. I don't think it makes gamers sadistic at all, and I find it silly that people still argue this. Of course, I find articles like this are solely trying to probe these overdone questions just for hits.

Look, it's simple: Gaming is a form of entertainment media. Before accusing us or questioning ourselves, look at the fact that violence exists in music and movies-- then come back to us and give us the moral guilt trip.

This is not to say video games don't influence us. I read a study of how video games made people twice as likely to throw tantrums, and I don't doubt it. However, I do not consider myself a sadist, and neither should you.

Look at how much we are sown with violence:

-Theory of Evolution
-The Bible/Old Testament, look how many justify what happens in that book
-The Koran, need I say more?
-Rap Music and Heavy Rock music predominantly talk about violent things
-Movies contain violence
-Video Games have violence
-Sports are pretty violent-- Boxing, UFC, Football too I suppose.

Violence is all around us. But I don't know anyone who doesn't believe or follow at least one of those who would consider themselves legally sadistic or legitimately mentally ill.

Let's not shun it, let's not be afraid to embrace it just because some overruling idiots guilt trip us into thinking it's wrong.

Kalowest3119d ago

Lmao wouldn't those "sadistic, violent loving psychos" actually be killing, and torturing people, and not playing games.

thehitman3119d ago

You can only be sadistic while playing video games


HolyOrangeCows3119d ago

Sadism was created with Pong.

rdgneoz33119d ago

As with other things. there are people that enjoy watching / thinking about certain things. And then there are the people that will take it a step further and follow through with those thoughts. And seeing how many people have played violent games and there haven't been huge amounts of articles about gamers killing others, I'd say its not too worrying.

p.s. Hell, I've seen more articles about gamers killing from having played games that aren't as violent...

rakunado3119d ago

Hmmm I just watched Hostel at a friends place the other week... say wha????

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