Incredible Halo:Reach Price Cut For Early Birds Today

One of the most anticipated games of the year is set to change gaming early again. Today you can pre-order Halo: Reach for only $44.99 with free shipping

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dkblackhawk503052d ago

Great deal! (Lol at GunShotEddy for saying it is affiliate links...*sigh*)

matrix2243052d ago

It is such a great deal! and sadly, I agree...GunShotEddy should have reporting rights removed.

RockmanII73052d ago

I know if you preorder from Gamestop's website, you get a $20 gift card. That's what I'm doing.

Paradicia3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Awesome deal. I'm pre-ordering the legendary edition for my birthday though XD

RAZORLAND3052d ago

You get 20 bucks with Amazon, but who knows when they'll ship it. With newegg, everything I order with them, I get in 3 days flat.

Johnny_Cojones3052d ago

Free release date delivery from Amazon for me. I love Newegg, & build my PCs ordering almost exclusively from them, but the Amazon credits are killer. I typically pay $35-40 bucks for new PC game that retails for $50, & $45-50 for console games that retail for $60. I just string the games that have credits together.

matrix2243052d ago

Sweet, good thing i waited on buying this :D

mmoracerules3052d ago

Must be nice, I might have to cancel my pre-order now...thanks for the linkage!

mmoracerules3052d ago

Great deal if I don't say so myself.

Pistolero3052d ago

i am getting it....halo reach is going to be amazing.

despair3052d ago

wow thats pretty a good deal

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The story is too old to be commented.