MS: More Hardcore Exclusives Lined Up for 2011

OXM caught up with Greenberg at E3 and asked him if they should worry about the flow of exclusive games running out post-Gears 3 and mysterious new Crytek title Codename Kingdoms. He told them that he's pretty confident in what's in store for next year's E3, in 2011.

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PirateThom3117d ago

Halo and Forza.

Calling it now.

Joule3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

EDIT:thanks dude lol, im really looking forward to Gears 3.

PirateThom3117d ago

Those aren't on 360, silly.

Lionhead3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I'm waiting for new IP's from Microsoft

All their exclusives have been the same franchises since the 360 launched. I'm interested in seeing what the Crytek 360 exclusive, Kingdom, is and I'm assuming it will be a title for 2011 since Microsoft doesn't usually mess around with release dates.

Why is it so hard for them to just buy up/create new in house development studios that aren't creating new Halo games *cough 343 Studios* >_> They are throwing money at third party like there is no tomorrow. Give us more "Only on Xbox 360" experiences pl0x.

Anarki3117d ago

They don't have any more games to release....... Probably just more halo stuff...

captain-obvious3117d ago

Halo and Forza ...... for Natal

PoSTedUP3117d ago

Microsoft: we found it hard to keep up with sony's games the past few years, and the rest of this year... please stay tuned for 2011 : D. exactly how that sounded to me.

maybe they have a undercover first party developer making some games for them?

IdleLeeSiuLung3117d ago

because getting an experienced third party to develop your games increases your chance of success.

knight6263117d ago

oh man i cant wait for extreme red balls for kinect thats for sure a hardcore game

brazilianbumpincher3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

3rd party exclusives are a dying breed

microsoft have,lionhead,rare and '323' or whatever its called, lionhead seem to only make fable,323 is a halo based developer and rare...well their working on kinect games...very little first party very little hope

microsoft have made soo many poor decisions this gen from,shoddy hardware,lack of first party studios the incredible 50-60mil gta money,now all the negative things we are hearing about kinect no wonder their investors are being public and disdain of how the business is being run,

im getting gears3 cant see much else

Why o why3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

what idle means is you rely on 3rd parties for quality when you cant rely on your own. MS internally kinda suck if you look at all of the games they've released this gen. Sony on the other hand rely on themselves for quality 90% of the time


yeah idle....its just know....sonys internal guys push harder than 90% of the 3rd parties. The same rules DO NOT apply to sony. Plus i dont give a crap about who risks what...Im a gamer. Push the console i purchased and im pleased. Push hard and hopefully you'll get the rewards. MS's internal guys definitely seem to fit the 'sheltered' life you described especially when the 360's architecture is easier to dev on

IdleLeeSiuLung3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

My point is from a business stand point you reduce your risk if you invest into a known quantity.

A new studio is an unknown quantity. Even great studios fall and keeping them separate provides a much better goal for external studios to continue to innovate to stay on top. If you are an internal studio, you are sheltered from the risks involved, but your employees are also less likely to give their fullest.

Employees with part ownership in a company tends to do better for the company!

Why would it matter that it is going multi? I don't buy a game because it is exclusive. I buy a game because I enjoy playing it! Only fanboys care about if that particular game is exclusive or not!

Arnon3117d ago

Except that Project Kingdoms is published by Microsoft. And contrary to what Morganfell used to say all the time, there hasn't been a single game published by Microsoft to go to another platform, so I highly doubt a project possibly funded by Microsoft will head over to the PS3.

With that being said, Microsoft has very few first-party studios, but they have a lot of partnerships with third-party studios.

-343 Industries: A studio set up to develop future Halo related productions.
-BigPark: Kinect Joy Ride.
-Firebird Studios: Set up to help push the visual boundaries of all Xbox 360 titles. Also working on an unannounced game.
-Good Science Studio: Kinect Adventures
-Lionhead Studios: Black & White series, Fable series.
-Rare Ltd.: Banjo-Kazooie series, Battletoads series, Conker series, Perfect Dark series, Viva Piñata series, Killer Instinct series, Kinect Sports, Jetpac, SabreWulf
-Turn 10 Studios: Forza Motorsport series.
-Xbox Live Productions: Fable II Pub Games, South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
-Wingnut Interactive: A studio set up in partnership with Peter Jackson to produce "filmic games".

Third-party partners
-Artoon: Blinx series, Blue Dragon.
-BioWare: Mass Effect series
-Epic Games: Gears Of War series
-feelplus Inc.: Lost Odyssey, Ninety-Nine Nights II.
-Frontier Developments: Kinectimals.
-Gastronaut Studios: Gel: Set & Match, Small Arms.
-Mistwalker: Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey.
-NinjaBee: A Kingdom for Keflings, Cloning Clyde, Dash of Destruction.
-Remedy Entertainment: Alan Wake.
-Ruffian Games: Crackdown 2.
-Sarbakan: Lazy Raiders.
-Signal Studios: Toy Soldiers.
-Silicon Knights: Too Human.
-Ska Studios: The Dishwasher
-Twisted Pixel: 'Splosion Man, The Maw.
-Crytek: Codename Kingdoms

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Hands Up For Games3117d ago

Would it personally hurt you if more 'core' Games came to the 360 next year?

Or are you really hoping that the only 'core' Games to come to 360 next year are Halo and Forza?

As an owner of both consoles, I dont understand you're logic. Unless you want a platform to fail, do you?

PirateThom3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

No, you've misunderstood. I would love them to make more games (especially something other than Halo or Forza), I just don't think they either care enough to or will surprise anyone when Halo prints money for them.

Lou-Cipher3117d ago

I dont think anyone wants less hardcore games on the 360, but considering how Microsoft is mostly focused on launching Kinect/Casual games, it is safe to assume that we wont be seeing very many new IP's that will please the core audience.

Microsoft is notorious for a lack of exclusive games that haven't already been proven to print money.

If Microsoft doesn't start supporting their existing audience (core gamers) they are going to be in a world of hurt over the next few years.

N4realGMRZ3117d ago

Yes and the endless ratchet and motostorm games Sony loves shoving down your throat......I wish you would cough it up...... maybe you'll stop contradicting the way hows that 5th GOW game in 6 years looking? Just silly.

Grown Folks Talk3116d ago

Halo & Gears are the only milked franchises in the world. Doesn't matter that 90% of the games people are waiting for & bragging about on the PS3 have #s after the title.

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id go with new xbox as my call for next year

Hands Up For Games3117d ago

Well, im a bit of an optimist (in Gaming I know thats stupid) and I have high hopes that 2011 can bring some great Games to the 360, just like I want great Games on the PS3.

Stop being such a pessimist Thom ;).

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

¿Another Halo? Geez.

Another Forza for 2011, geez.

Killjoy30003117d ago

Microsoft has just thrown in the towel for the entire year of 2010 for the hardcore.... Pitiful, Microsoft, considering the hardcore demographic is what got you where you are today. Now don't get me wrong, I respect that Microsoft is making a move on a new market, but consequently ignoring another isn't a very smart business decision.

36T3117d ago

"I respect that Microsoft is making a move on a new market, but consequently ignoring another isn't a very smart business decision"

How do you figure? Halo Reach, Gears, Fable are all huge games. Why would MS release other exclusives to compete with the one's i just mentionned? If you give it some thought, it is a smart BUSINESS decision.

Killjoy30003117d ago

I mean, look at Sony. They're cornering both markets at the same time rather efficiently, and don't have to make compromises in their software catalogue for either year.

And on another note, your comment just brought up a pretty important question - When will Microsoft stop relying on the SAME IP's that they've been recycling since the beginning of the 360 and in some respects the launch of the original Xbox brand? Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza won't last forever, and with the recent failure of Crackdown 2 combined with the underwhelming sales for Alan Wake, I and millions of 360 owners should fear for the 360's future line-up. Lets not forget the complete lack of strong first party studios.

Microsoft is relying on third party support, which is a dying bread as time goes by, to lock down DLC and timed exclusives to their platform while at the same time ignoring the need to buy some talented development studios to fuel their first part studios. If they don't buy any studios to develop for their next platform, then who is going to push the next Xbox?

SOAD3117d ago

How have they thrown in the towel for 2010?

Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach

That's not throwing in the towel. That's just the best Microsoft can do considering they have like 3 studios.

Microsoft isn't even trying. If they were trying they would have acquired more first party studios, they would have developed a unified game engine for the 360 to be used by more developers. They would have purchased Bioware when they had the chance. Microsoft isn't throwing in the towel. They've always had one foot outside the boxing ring, I say. They're not dedicated enough to the core audience. They follow the money and right now they think the money is in the casual audience.

OneSneakyMofo3117d ago

I'll call it: Timed exclusive with Sony getting the better version three to six months down the road.

SOAD3117d ago

How often does Sony get the better version of a timed exclusive?

Didn't Star Ocean on PS3 suck worse than on 360?
Wasn't Bioshock on PS3 graphically inferior to the 360 version?
The Last Remnant?
Infinite Undiscovery?
Section 8?

What makes you think that Sony will get a better version 3 months down the line?

Stryfeno23117d ago

Nice a new Forza, and GT5 is still not out.

IRetrouk3117d ago

lol whats gt 5 got to do with microsoft rehashing the same old game? oh thats ryt you cant stand that gt5 has more content than all the racing games on the xbox. you lookin butthurt my xbox playin friend

No Way3116d ago

Would hope it has all that content..
And, good thing that it doesn, too.

AAACE53117d ago

He made that comment about a week after E3 saying more new IP was to be announced, but based on their track record... i'm starting to think that's some BS!

Spenok3117d ago

Dont you mean "Fortza" god i cant stand it when they call it that. Theres no T, no silent letter, and nothing in the english language that would make that sound in that word.

georgeenoob3117d ago

MS did pretty damn good so far in the year with Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Mass Effect 2, and Crackdown 2 with Fable 3 and Halo Reach coming out later in the year, hopefully next year would be just as good.

No Way3116d ago

Hah, it's no surprise to see you here..
I doubt either of them will be out, next year.

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TheColbertinator3117d ago

Fable and Gears.They'll never see it coming


how about whats in store between now and next years E3

or is the motion controller the only thing new until then

LordMarius3117d ago ShowReplies(1)
Omega43117d ago

Will be interesting to see what their big 2011 holiday title is considering they are releasing Gears 3 so early


i think they are betting on xbox360 sports for the world changing motion controller to be there big holiday tiltle

Killjoy30003117d ago

Seeing some hardcore games release this year. But I suppose asking Microsoft that much is about as effective as asking you to smarten up and buy a PS3 so you wouldn't have to wait until 2011 to actually play something worthwhile that doesn't require Natal, an overpriced rip-off for the casuals.

SOAD3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Halo Reach
Crysis 2
COD Black Ops

2 of those games can also be played on PS3, but Microsoft believes that advertising them as exclusives or paying for timed exclusive map packs justified their claim that they are catering to the hardcore, even though Sony is also catering to the hardcore.


mrv3213117d ago

And seeing as Holiday 2010 is so Natal focused.

ThanatosDMC3117d ago

It's "Kinect" now eventhough Natal is actually a better name, imho.