Dragon Age Origins: Leliana’s Song DLC Now Available

Bioware is pleased to announce today the release of the most recent downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, Leliana’s Song for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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ShadyDevil3030d ago

They just keep adding to this game. Why would they create another.

Christopher3030d ago

Very nice. My favorite character in the whole game.

iamgoatman3030d ago

Never get sick of her accent, although I prefer a bit of Morrigan myself.

dinkeldinkse3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Or Allistair, but that was because I was playing this right after I platinumed Uncharted 2(Same people that voiced Chloe and Flynn in Uncharted 2).

Also, why I don't care for Desmond Miles from Assassins Creed 2(Damn you Nathan Drake).Played that while taking a break from this game.

DarkSpawnClone3030d ago

your kidding ? just cause there voice was in another game you didn't like those characters ?
i think they did a great job in those game and the dude that plays Nathan Drake is a awesome voice actor they all did a great job in dragon age,uncharted and assassins creed those games have some of the best story telling and voice acting i have seen in a video game really.

dinkeldinkse3030d ago

I agree that all 3 of those games had great storytelling and voice acting. Nothing against the actors, I think they did great jobs, I just got tired of hearing the same voice actors in consecutive games that I played.

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MightyMark4273030d ago

Hopefully this is A LOT BETTER than Darkspawn Chronicles

ThatCanadianGuy3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )


I finally managed to pull myself away from DA:Origins last week and now they come out with this? *Sigh*

MightyMark4273030d ago

Hopefully this will be the last one.. and please release Dragon Age 2!

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Malebaria3030d ago

I´m getting it. Oh,and keep the content coming Bioware!

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The story is too old to be commented.