GameZone - Sin & Punishment : Star Successor Review

GameZone's Brian Rowe takes punishment in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor for the Wii. Does this action shooter provide a good balance of excellent gameplay and challenge, or will it make you want to throw your controller and not pick it back up.

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Caspel3025d ago

shmups are on the rise again, you heard it here first.

TheSanchezDavid3025d ago

This is a game I am very interested in. It just looks like no-nonsense game with good shooting action.

ebgeer3025d ago

I picked Sin and Punishment up over the weekend. And have beeen playin to non-stop. Stories a bit wacky...but the graphics are nice..and the Action will make your mind spin...There is so much going on..its wonderful..Highly recommended...but the difficulty even on the easy setting can be a bit of headache...but if you grew up in the hey day of games...difficulty issues are something you should be used to.

Azule613025d ago

This game looks fun and all but the story and dialogue would make me cringe every cutscene.

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