PSP2 To Compete With iPhone?

Ex: "The PSP2 (assuming that this is what Yoshida is talking about) sounds to be more like an upcoming Sony phone than anything else. With the addition of downloadable books, text messaging, the phone would be the only missing link between PSP and iPhone. Looks like Sony is trying to take hold of the market that Apple has dominated for some time now, but after failing to conquer Nintendo will the addition of discs and Sony grade games be enough to pull people from Apple's iPhone trance?"

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CrAppleton3028d ago

Seeing how iPhone has dominated the sales with their iPhone 4.. I understand why they would want to get in on that market

zootang3028d ago

I think they could bring out the PSPGo with a touch screen and 3G. If they were to do that, I think they would be on to a winner.

rambi803028d ago

What if they could add the emotion engine to the phone somehow?

I agree, PSP go with phone capability, touchscreen and apps could be a winner

Venatus-Deus3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Focus on games, make it fit in the pocket, finally give the fucker two analogs and most importantly make it affordable.

£250 for the PSP go in the UK was 50% too much.

You will sell 100 million.

3028d ago
CrAppleton3028d ago

I totally agree that they should focus on GAMES.. but that doesn't look like it's the route they're taking. So if they're gonna do something, they need to do it right. Don't half ass it like you did with the PSPGO.. make it bigger and better.. besides.. if they choose to fight iPhone, they have one thing that Apple doesn't.. GREAT games

DaRockSays3028d ago

Just games won't work for them, they've always been about doing everything. Games won't cut it

ThanatosDMC3028d ago

if this is true, i hope it's more powerful than my HD2, which has PS1, gba, snes, etc games running on it.

Old Greg3028d ago

first of all love the name

second of all----NGAGE anyone? lol.

DaRockSays3028d ago

Ngage had crappy support though, but I think it was a stepping stone that Apple looked at for sure

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killyourfm3028d ago long as Sony doesn't try to do TOO much with PSP2. Keep it about games, Sony.

Neco5123028d ago

it's getting more away from games than anything. But I can understand why. iPhones are selling like hotcakes

AenthonyDa1nOnli3028d ago

Everyone knows sony is gonna push tech before the games aspect... and charge a buttload of money in the process i would not be surprised if the price was above the 249.99. i think they will try to put games on either umd or start cranking out a new disc medium like mini blu ray disc... you know sony has to go the expensive route so they can say they were ahead of the times and that it was needed for the forward movement of psp.... some shit like that
dont get me wrong i love sony but sometimes they do stupid stuff like a move controller 49.99 and navigation controller 29.99 they should just include the nav controller with every ps move....

ThanatosDMC3028d ago

Actually, i dont mind a phone that can only do everything... that's what i feel about my HD2 so i want my PSP2 to be better.

TrevorPhillips3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I don't know, that depends, will you be able to make phone calles with the PSP2?

If not then there should be no competition at all.

Because Iphone is all about applications such as games, softwares, movies etc.

Don't forget phone calling.

While the PSP2 is more on games, movies and musics.

Agreed with above guy ^^

DaRockSays3028d ago

Sony has been working on trademarks for a "phone/console" for some time now though. I think this might be it

TrevorPhillips3028d ago

Seriously though if PSP2 had phone calling support it would be stupid holding it on your ear, but that depends on the size. I hope it's not the same size as the original PSP.

Ares84PS33028d ago

While it's a nice phone it has it's share of problems. First it drops calls a lot do to it's antena problem. Than it can't run games like the PSP does.

If Sony could come out with a PSP2 that runs games like the first PSP or even better and would actually work as a phone as well than I think it would be something great. Also the battery life is always a great concern with a multipurpose portable device.

Witht he iPhone 4...yeas you can watch movies and listen to music but than you won't be able to make phonecalls because the battery will die on you in a few hours.

Now here in NYC an average person travells anywhere from 1-2hours to get to work and another 1-2hours to get home. So it's a lot of commute and the cellphone will go out fast.

So things that Sony should do is make sure that the battery will last a very long time. Make sure it can run great games with good graphics and make sure that there are no antena problems.

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