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Demon's Souls has spent a year or so developing a fanatical cult following in the US and Japan, and while not everyone will understand why, those who do are in for a treat. This is not a game that inspires lukewarm feelings. If it grabs you, it becomes an obsession, dragging you back for hour after hour of wandering and fighting in its grim and gloomy fantasy world. If it doesn't, you'll hate it with a vengeance

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Hellsvacancy3078d ago

8/10 :-(

I didnt like Dragon-Age but loved Fallout 3 as i do Demon's Souls

despair3078d ago

one thing about Demon's Souls is that the scoring of it is very subjective, its one of those games that you either love or hate with very very few people being in between either extreme.

Pennywise3078d ago

My friend loves RPGs.... so I let him borrow demons souls. He absolutely hated it because of the difficulty. I loved the game and would give it 9/10 easy.

Its a love it or hate it game... I am just glad most people love it, because I really want a sequel.

SOAD3078d ago

I'm in-between. I love the art style and the combat is really nice, but I wasn't careful enough with the game and had to play through the first level maybe 15 times before I beat it. To me the game became a chore. I regret not being more careful.

garos823078d ago

id score it slightly higher due to the amount of hours ive pumped into it (still not finished it yet)its the atmosphere and the fact you have to choose to either return to the nexus with your farmed souls or grind on and risk losing it. Best part is entering a new dark area and shitting yourself with every step you make in uncharted territories.

money well spent!

JoySticksFTW3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Oh, so true

I still remember how freaked out I was when I crept around a corner and a huge-ass centipede with a Freddy Kruger face was just sitting there waiting for me.

I f'n yelped all high-pitched and jumped back just in time as he lunged right passed me.

That's why I walk with shield up CONSTANTLY until I know that level backwards

garos823078d ago

i jumped like a bitch at tha freddy kruger centipede too. oh and shields ftw!

karan86243078d ago

And I've only beat the Armored spider and phalanx so far. I get that its hard, but they need a checkpoint right before the boss's

The tower of latria level scares the shit out of me and I have to go back through it again every time to face the demon

3078d ago
despair3078d ago

lol same with me at first..killed phalanx and armored spider, then whenever i reach a large fog door on any level i chickened out and retreated to the nexus to spend my souls..did this for quite some time before actually going after the flamelurker next (worst plan ever..hate that guy)

dinkeldinkse3078d ago

Is a bitch the first two times if you legitimately kill him(One the of the 3 hardest bosses in the game alongside False King, and maneater). If you use his retarded AI against him(the cheap way) he is pretty easy.

JoySticksFTW3078d ago

I'd say hardest fight is Flamelurker or Old Monk if online (the game will actually grab another player around your level to fight you for the boss fight -- you could luck out with a weaker player or someone who turns their back, or you could get nuked / wreaked by an elite player).

The most treacherous, worrisome, freaky fight for me though has to be the False King. Only because one wrong move and you could get precious levels drained. that's right, that bastard drains levels... It's not a problem later though -- if you don't get drained too often -- as you'll know the best places to regain souls quickly. That and his pattern is easy to predict. You might want to watch someone on youtube fight False King fight so you learn his pattern.

360Defender3078d ago

Not much of a cult following, it only sold 630,000+/- worldwide.

KiRBY30003078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Demon's Souls sold 630k with absolutely no publicity. and it launched in europe only a few days ago.

Alan Wake is a worldwide release blockbuster game and it sold 500k so far. Lost Odyssey also did this kind of numbers (700k i believe). so dont try to downplay Demon's Souls thx.

3078d ago
MeatAbstract3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Whats your point there? I wouldn't give a damn if this game sold 100 copies, its still bloody good. Plus, its a low budget game, cutting out big budget cutscenes for great gameplay and keeping the levels linear but explorebale and with World Tendency as well, leaves a lot of options for replayability.

Bottom line, was made on a low budget, sold more then expected, gamers enjoyed it. Everybody wins.

jagstatboy3078d ago

hmmm, Demon's Souls has the making of a future rare/hard to find one day, possibly making a new sealed copy valuable.

Baba19063078d ago

i loved this game. its not as hard as it seems after you get how to kill the bosses. well you do need skill, but it is very rewarding.

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