Top 5 Games That Need Trophies

Since 2009, trophy support became a mandatory feature for developers for their games. However, a few past gems still haven’t had the pleasure of receiving a trophy patch – notably exclusives – which fans would die to see happen one day. Some of these games will probably never get the patches that we oh so desire, with some developers even stating it won’t happen. Still, we can dream, can’t we? These are the 5 games which would benefit immensely if the bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies would ever be integrated.

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doctorstrange3969d ago

On MGS4, I just wish they would make it, but I think it's been too long

Godmars2903969d ago

Folklore. Not the fart...

WildArmed3969d ago

Folklore would be my no. 3 and would get rid of CoD4..

But great list!

MikeGdaGod3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

i just started playing The Last Guy again yesterday and was surprised to see they added trophy support for it.....if The Last Guy can get trophy support, i don't see why MGS4 doesn't

RAZORLAND3969d ago

I remember a few months after MGS4's release, there was talk of trophy support, I held off completing the game again till then, that was 2 years ago....

Tomdc3969d ago

The first 2 PS3 ratchet and clank games should have trophy support. Specially the second one as trophies were out by the time that was released.

Commander_TK3969d ago

needs them! And of course COD4 IMO the best shooter this gen. I said IMO, but still expect a lot of disagrees since this is N4G

FACTUAL evidence3969d ago

Resistance 1
Heavenly sword
Devil may cry 4
Eternal sonota (i need more rpgs to play!)

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fafoon3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Resistance FOM in place of MW

sorceror1713969d ago

There's already the "skill points" system! They'd just need to patch that to award trophies. Apparently that's what Naughty Dog did with Uncharted and the medals...

Maybe they'd do it to help promote Resistance 3?


badz1493969d ago

Trophies and Skill points are totally separated in those games and trophies are easier to obtain compared to skill points! I plat R&C ACIT but haven't got all the skill points. really love to but too many games to play, not enough time to do that. so I stopped not long after I got the platinum

Red-Dead-Roar3969d ago

most of all: Racedriver GRID

but also psn games:
SIREN: Blood Curse
champ. sprint
tekken 5
prince of persia classic

psn needs to step its game up with retrofitting!

Trexman893969d ago

I think its too late for some of these games. How many people would go back to play heavenly sword?

dc13969d ago

Ummm... Me. That's at least 1 for now. Cheers!

Are_The_MaDNess3969d ago

i played it last night (again)
so there is at least 2

lordgodalming3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I just did replay Heavenly Sword a couple weeks ago, even without trophy support. I had never played it on my HDTV and was amazed that it still looks better (and is more fun) than a lot of new games.

Also, I'd still like trophies for Folklore and Valkyria Chronicles.

Edit: And Tools of Destruction. A Crack in Time was actually too easy to Platinum.

dc13969d ago

You're right!
"A Crack in Time" was an easy Platinum.. But it was darn fun.
I'm sure Insomniac was making up for the ridiculous 10,000 kill requirement for R2... (Damn that 10,000 kill requirement).

Myst3969d ago

Interesting list and pretty much agree with it, people still ask for MGS4 trophies and Heavenly Sword was a pretty good game so trophy patch would be great for those who would want them. I don't know if I'd personally add Folklore or not, I love the game but I kind of don't want trophies for it :|.

viking805fan3969d ago

I would also like to add in Resistance. :)

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